Retail Boosts Digital Turnover


Not surprisingly, the months of November and December see an explosion in sales . In fact, these two months correspond to almost a third of annual sales . Cyber ​​Week , Black Friday , Cyber ​​Monday , Single Day , there are plenty of opportunities to boost online sales . However, each year retailers have to reinvent themselves and face new challenges. To Ghana WhatsApp Number List help them prepare for the holidays, here are the sales predictions expected in the coming months.

Online sales on the rise in the retail sector
The year 2020 broke sales records. Online sales are also expected to continue to grow in the following months, going up to 10% in the United States and up to 7% more globally . In terms of numbers, online shoppers will spend around $ 259 billion in the United States, or around 224 billion euros, and up to $ 1.2 trillion globally (or 1.03 trillion euros). .

A Meteoric Rise In Costs

Around the world, the costs of labor, freight, and manufacturing are increasing. This increase will be felt on consumers who will pay 20% more for their Christmas gifts , but also on retailers and manufacturers who will see an increase of almost 223 billion dollars (around 193 billion euros) in the cost. goods. It is therefore essential to stay ahead of the pressure of margins and prices by communicating often and explicitly with customers.

Cyber ​​Week, a boost in digital turnover
By properly anticipating Cyber ​​Week , (an 8-day week starting the Monday before Black Friday until the Monday following it, Cyber ​​Monday), retailers can dramatically increase their profits .

With stocks in short supply and global supply chains not yet fully catching up, consumers are more likely to turn to pre-sales . That is to say that, even if Black Friday remains important, it will give way a few days before to a kind of pre- Cyber ​​Week with many events similar to Black Friday . This should add up to roughly $ 314 billion in spending in the United States (roughly $ 27 billion) and $ 141 billion globally (or nearly $ 122 billion) before Cyber ​​Week officially begins.

End Of Cookies: Create Engagement To Boost Online Sales

Google and Apple are gradually removing cookies and third-party advertising tracking (also called “third-party cookies”). This means retailers will have to get creative to collect first-party cookies and find customers. This can include loyalty programs , social engagement , personalized email marketing , etc. With this data, personalized experiences can be set up for customers to better engage them.

As digital gains traction with consumers, it is imperative for the retail industry to think outside of the box and stay connected with its customers by delivering personalized and relevant content . To set up your campaigns and boost your activity, do not hesitate to contact a specialized agency to help you develop your digital strategy!

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