SEO Natural Referencing of your website

Nowadays, natural referencing , or also called free referencing ( seo ), is the guarantee of good web visibility. And understanding google referencing remains a real key to success. In order to implement this technique, the establishment of an SEO SEO strategy is essential. So any company that wants to break into digital must improve its Google SEO (at a minimum). And it is good to remember that only 8% of sites make more than 100 orders Great Britain Email List per month (Study 2018 – Distance selling). So, the professionalization of digital remains a significant turnover variable!

Then you will have understood that creating a business on the web is studied, planned, analyzed and above all managed over time. Also, Google is now used by more than 92% of Internet users and more than 1 billion online sites appear on it. So the goal of a Google SEO strategy is to increase the visibility of your site’s web pages in Google, Bing & Yahoo search engines. But also to make your prospects and customers find you quickly. The techniques used to reference your site on these engines aim to fulfill all the rules required by the indexing of Google Panda and Co. robots.

For example, by adding specific content that will be taken

Into account by the Google algorithm. The ultimate goal is to appear on the 1st Google page. TPE or SME, all are getting into action for the creation of a website but all too often forget about natural referencing and the management of social networks . The digital strategy must clearly define your axes of acquisition through the strategy of local, natural & paid referencing . How to use web referencing Google my business Page: why and how to create a file? Search engines help consumers find you. And on the other hand, SEO helps search engines understand your content in order to distribute it. On top of that, natural referencing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of web marketing methods and techniques. And they consist in optimizing the positioning of the pages of your site in the best results of Google, Yahoo & Bing search engines.

The goal of a web referencing strategy is therefore to improve your visibility on search engines. But also to generate more traffic on the site with the objective of converting visitors into buyers. What are the different types of website SEO ? Different types of web referencing including SEO, SEA, SMO and SEM Several types of web referencing exist and they are all very good ways to optimize the positioning of your web pages . The SEO and local are cost-effective digital communication strategies in time. Unlike SEA referencing , which is chargeable and requires “piloting” of the Ads campaign in order to monitor profitability.

Once the budget is reached, the ad stops and you are no longer visible in search engines

Note that SEA referencing consists of buying keywords to appear at the top of the best Google results thanks to Google Adwords campaigns. And there is also the SMO referencing dedicated to social media. SEO on Google SEO Marketing Strategy and SEO Optimization to develop your visibility performance on the web SEO optimization of your website – digital marketing As you have seen previously, Google referencing , also known as SEO , will make it possible to optimize the content of your web pages as much as possible in order to be indexed by Google robots.

Also these robots will choose, according to certain rules below, if your page is relevant and that it meets the requested criteria. The algorithm for Google SEO will take into account: The domain name (URL). If the content of the page is of quality, original and unique on the web. They analyze text, images and title tag H1 and tag H2. Readable HTML code. The internal mesh of your site, that is to say the backlinks (links which refer to your site). The construction of the site. Page load time: the higher the loading speed, the greater the probability of being chosen by Google’s engines.

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