Seo Shopify: Optimize Your Online Store on Shopify

SEO and E-commerce platforms sometimes do not mix well together and there are many areas for improvement. Shopify, a Canadian platform, is the solution most often chosen for its low entry costs. We will then give you some tips to make your Shopify store SEO-friendly. Shopify: the popular e-commerce platform Shopify is a platform launched in 2004. It allows anyone to set up their E-commerce store with a few clicks. With the explosion of dropshipping in Hungary WhatsApp Number List recent years, Shopify has quickly emerged as the go-to platform for non-developers.

Shopify also makes it very easy for physical businesses to offer their products online. Shopify: the popular e-commerce platform Another important aspect that makes Shopify one of the best platforms out there is the fact that the entry costs are relatively low. So, for a few euros, you can launch your store. Shopify also provides a 14-day trial period so that you can familiarize yourself with the platform. Pricing via Shopify Via Shopify Advantage of Shopify: very present SEO features You know, SEO is a set of elements that are important for the SEO of your website by search engines.

Some Platforms Abandon the Simplicity of Uploading

to the detriment of these important features. Rest assured, Shopify is not one of those platforms and offers a set of features that we recommend for you to develop your SEO. Shopify therefore offers SEO-friendly features such as: A responsive store (mobile-friendly) A free SSL certificate Management of your multilingual versions All metadata can be edited Generation of a sitemap in xml format. If you subscribe to the Basic Shopify plan, only the main domain of your store has a sitemap generated and detectable by search engines. Sitemap files are generated automatically, you can find them at the root directory of Shopify store domains, such as

Before submitting your sitemap via Search Console, you must verify your property and deactivate the site’s password protection (on the Shopify interface). If you need to, you can view Shopify Help on your sitemap . Meta tags and schema for your articles Management of product variations Multiple image management to show your product from all angles Link with Google Analytics (note: very easy basic integration is not compatible with G4 but only with UA. Need to go through GTM for advanced integration.) SEO issues with Shopify Despite all the features and efforts made by Shopify, a large set of elements in SEO is not accessible and therefore poses a problem.

An Unreachable Robots.txt File When You Choose Shopify, You Do Not Have Access to the Robots

txt file and therefore you cannot edit it. The latter is used to block search engine access to certain parts of your site. Shopify by default prevents access to the parts of the site below: Robots.txt Shopify If you want to no index certain pages, whether for content relevance issues or to manage your crawl budget, you should add the “no-index” tag to the pages in question via the “ theme.liquide ” file . So, to exclude pages, you need to insert the code below: {% if template contains ‘search’%} <meta name = “robots” content = “noindex”> {% endif%} And to exclude a template: {% if handle contains ‘page-handle-you-want-to-exclude’%} <meta name % endif%} No access to logs Since Shopify hosts the site for you, you don’t have access to the logs. It is therefore impossible for you to know which pages are crawled and how often.

The Ariadne’s thread The free themes and some paid ones do not have the functionality to integrate breadcrumbs when browsing the collections and products pages. You must either insert a code or pay for an application. You can consult this documentation if you want to integrate the code to get the breadcrumb trail . Our tips to improve your SEO on Shopify Managing redirects Currently, Shopify allows you to manage your redirects one by one and import redirects of multiple pages at the same time from a CSV file. Other plugins allow you to manage your redirects in bulk (that is to say in bulk and not one by one). Thus, Easy Redirects by ESC gives you the possibility to do bulk redirects easily.

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