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This white paper on natural referencing aims to introduce you to the basic techniques of internet referencing . He will offer you advice & content management. First of all, there are two types of web referencing : The organic SEO , called natural or free. And he brings together free techniques to place his website in the 1st results of search engines. Without prejudice, it remains the ideal solution for long-term and profitable SEO. The paid search Mozambique Email List involves all paid links, banners placed on different websites. How is the keyword score calculated? To calculate the scoring of a keyword, calculate the value expressed according to the elements below: How to select a keyword? How do I know if it is interesting for my digital strategy?

Number of searches per month Research Points Less than 1000 from 1000 to 10,000 And from 10,001 to 50K From 50,001 to 100K And more than 100K 0 5 10 15 20 Number of results per month Results Points over 100 Millions from 50 to 100 Millions And from 10 to 50 Million from 1 to 10 Millions Less than 1 million 0 5 10 15 20 Please note, it is imperative to also take into account the difficulty and conversion index when choosing your words. How should you place these keywords in your web content? How to place keywords in web content Google & Bing robots scan your pages and record the keywords present in order to guarantee the best experience on your site. However, there are a few basic rules to follow.

SEO white paper to get started Referencing your site on google for free Firs

the title of the page: the Meta title . Ideally 60 characters! no more … Then the H1 title tag This is the first title of your page, the one that has the most importance. After, the H2 title tag There, you have to imagine the punchline and the hook of your page or your blog article. Then the meta description This is the description of the content of your page that the search engine robots will see first. Finally a minimum content of 300 words per page This is the minimum ratio for minimum referencing … How to properly manage your natural referencing Can I manage the natural referencing of my website on my own?

At first glance, we would tend to say YES. First of all, you have to look at 2 points: The necessary skills on Google & Semrush . And the time you want to spend on it. Then, the skills are constantly evolving, which is why certain Google Expert or Semrush SEO certifications are necessary to properly assimilate the SEO chain. As for the management of your schedule, it must be said that SEO is a daily job. It’s up to you to see where it remains strategic to outsource your need or not. But if you want a free audit to find out about the SEO optimization of your website . Or if you want tailor-made support for the referencing of your site, fill out the form below:

COVID-19 preventive measures in the company

To curb the number of coronavirus cases, it is advisable to take rigorous measures. Also the employer has the obligation to ensure the health and safety of the employees. This is why, to respect labor law and the recommendations of health professionals, it is advisable to: – Wash your hands regularly for 20 – 30 seconds and up to the wrist. – Observe a minimum distance of one meter with any interlocutor. – Make sure that the premises are ventilated regularly (Labor Code – R.4222-4). – But also respect the regulations on the equipment of premises open to the public for first aid equipment (Labor Code – Article R.4224-14).

Enforce the ban on smoking in closed places (Public Health Code) because there will obviously be checks by the authorities on the management of health recommendations. – And of course give maximum preference to teleworking for outsourced workstations. ? Me facing COVID-19 ? To help you position yourself in the face of symptoms: Symptoms Coronavirus What are the symptoms of Covid-19? I have no symptoms! #Stay home Limit your travel and social life as much as possible. And above all, keep the requested distance of one meter from your interlocutor.

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