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You’d assume goal setting is Latvia Phone number a child’s play. But when David from the team asks about the quarter’s short-term and long-term marketing goals. You end up scratching. Thus, your head wondering how short-term vs long-term goals compare and which ones should you be having. Fret not though. Because setting both short and long-term marketing goals can help. You set better (and more achievable) goals on the whole. So, in this post Latvia Phone Number, let’s look at what short term and long term goals are, how they compare with each other, and the whole enchilada.

What are Latvia Phone Number Short Term and Long Term Goals?

Before we dive any further Latvia Phone Number into this guide on short term vs long term goals. Thus, let’s quickly revise what each is. Short term goals are goals to quickly accomplish in the near future – say today, tomorrow, the week, even the month. You can see the results of short term goals in a short while. Long term goals are goals that extend over a defined period of time. The best way to accomplish them is to break such a goal down into smaller goals that you can complete on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. For example, ‘grow blog traffic by X%’ is a long term goal that you can achieve in a set time (never overnight) by writing Latvia Phone Number one new blog post every week. They set small goals, for instance. Thus, raising a score or metric by at least 11% each quarter to see if their strategies are working.

Short Term vs Long Term Goals: Which Latvia Phone Number Ones Should You Set?

Both short term and long term Latvia Phone Number goals are essentially linked. It’s probably why the majority, 67.3%, of our respondents reveal they favor both short term vs long term goals equally. 18.2%, however, say they prefer long term marketing goals over short term ones. And, 14.6% favor short term marketing goals. This opinion is from respondents who come from various industries. For example, 26.4% are from the professional services industry, 17% are from Latvia Phone Number marketing agencies, 15.1% are from the ecommerce sphere, and 94% are from the SaaS verticle. So why exactly do some of these folks favor short term goals vs long term goals and vice versa? At Cleared, it focused the team on short-term goals according to Ryan Rockefeller.

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