Develop a monthly or bi-weekly communication or design a regular progress indicator that everyone can see. so they know how close they are to reaching that goal. Future’s expectations It is important for workers to know that the company counts on them in the long term and that they will have opportunities to advance and grow professionally. Nothing more demotivating than a job without job projections. If your employees know that the company counts on them and gives them growth opportunities. they will feel like a personal challenge to reach the goals and they will want to show themselves and others that they are fundamental and are full of ideas and initiatives.

Acknowledge them as people and show interest in their lives Knowing your collaborators personally will be of great help to understand their goals and motivations. Set aside time to go out with each of them for coffee. lunch. or a mid-afternoon break. This will create an environment of trust and your team will feel valued beyond their professional capabilities. Each person has different goals and ideals. Knowing each one personally will help you know what is most important in your life and thus develop incentives that fit your needs. In this aspect we can say that people and companies are similar in that reason why that Simon Sinek tells us about: “Many companies know what they do or how they do it.

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But very few know why they do it: what China whatsapp number list their motivation. what is their reason for being”. Deliver bonuses or experiences for achievements At this point it is very important to know your team and that is why we referred earlier to the importance of knowing what their tastes or motivations were. It is true that money bonuses are important for employees. since on many occasions they help them get out of trouble or simply become extra income in their budget. and this will serve them enormously at this time of year. However. if you know your collaborators. you will be able to focus these benefits on unique and personalized experiences that they will not only appreciate. but will make them feel valued and recognized as people.

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A trip for him and his family. a voucher to do the mechanical repair that he needed so long ago or a 50% discount for that laptop that he wanted for several months. The only way to find the perfect gift for your employees is to make an effort to get to know them as individuals. Do not doubt at any time that it is an excellent investment! hear what they have to say Let them express their ideas. Many times we get used to fulfilling our day to day without realizing that the people around us can be full of incredible ideas and innovation. What’s more. some hold back for fear of rejection or because they feel undervalued.

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Encourage them to communicate new projects and processes. If possible. design an exclusive space. it can be a monthly meeting. to expose new ideas. Not only will it be valuable to the company. but each person will feel like they have something to contribute. Never forget that a good idea at the right time can radically change the course of things. Encourage them to tell you about their projects with the company without fear! Keep in mind that the engine of your company is the people who make it up. So don’t skimp on creating a great place for them to work. Train them. take care of their facilities. surprise them. Turn your company into a place where other people want to be.

We assure you that each of your resources will strive to do an excellent. Job and will lead you to achieve organizational goals quickly. Although the digital channel is the one that currently shows the greatest growth in terms of investment in advertising. Recent studies in the field of neuroscience show that. To the surprise of many. print media are highly effective. And it is that contrary to what many would believe. In light of these findings it is worth rethinking several things regarding the way we see advertising.

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