Training videos and valuable information for your customers. you will have the possibility of communicating and showing your products or services to hundreds of potential prospects who can become regular customers of your business. . How to measure the impact of Facebook for my business? facebook.jpgOne of the great tools that Facebook offers are its analytics that allow you to measure and know the actions that visitors do on your page. such as the number of likes. where they come from. gender. location. etc. With Facebook you can know the reach of your publications; reactions. comments. and the times it was shared. When you decide to advertise on Facebook. you will be able to see more clearly the effectiveness or not of your management.

Since the tool will give you data such as: number of people who interacted with your publication. people reached. number of people who filled out the form on your web page . among other. However. in the publications in which you do not invest in advertising. you will also be able to see that ROI (Return on investment). The key is to do the measurement the right way. According to Alejandro Domínguez and Gemma Muñoz in their book “Marketing Metrics” the challenge of digital media management is to determine which are the appropriate metrics to evaluate the activities in this case that are carried out on Facebook and understand that these metrics do not they should only indicate a value but should lead to action for decision making.

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Any of these metrics can be segmented Guatemala whatsapp number list determine the actions to take. the most specific segments are: Acquisition (look for the origin source. campaign etc) Behavior (New visitors. time on the site. etc.) Conversion (Visits that have generated sales. effective visits. etc.) Domínguez A. and Gemma Muñoz propose some formulas to find the ROI in a Facebook campaign CTR – (Click through rate) The response rate or CTR is the central metric in digital marketing campaigns. It is given by the result of dividing the number of users who clicked on the ad by the total number of times the web page that contains it has been seen (impressions). ). expressed in percentage terms.

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The higher the CTR. the more efficient the ad you are promoting. CTR = No. Of Clicks (visits) / Impressions bounce rate It is useless to bring traffic with the campaigns carried out. If the visit does not turn out to be of quality. The bounce rate is measure by the percentage of visits that do. Not go beyond the first page of the website (bounce) of the total visits received Bounce Rate = No. Of visits that go past the first page / Total No. of visits Conversion rate The conversion rate is the percentage of users who finally buy or perform some action that has been establish as a goal in the visit to the website. It is an indicator of the quality of the answers obtain and a key criterion of profitability. since it relates answers and objectives. Conversion Rate = No.

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Visits that reach the goal / No. visits involved These three are among others. Ways to find the ROI of the investments made in campaigns and digital marketing. They are also; the ratio of new users. cost per visit and revenue per visit. Three steps to see if Facebook is profitable for my business 1. The first thing your business should do is establish some objectives. Of what you want to achieve with the campaign you are going to invest in Facebook Ads . These can be: get new client lists. telephone numbers or emails; increase sales or generate visits to a specific shopping page. 2. Follow-up and metrics of your campaign. for this there are tools such as Facebook Analytics and Google Analytics.

You need to be monitoring your actions because there you can see where you can improve your efforts. See which social media channels are proving most effective. And see how the campaign impacts your goals. 3. Use other analytical tools that allow you to analyze and improve all actions . There are two very effective applications that are very useful for measuring ROI on Facebook: • Komfo. This analytics tool offers a complete Social Media management platform that includes Facebook. Twitter. Google+. YouTube. Instagram and Linkedin. it has a free version that is available without the need to subscribe to its service. With Komfo you can: view post analytics for each individual post.

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