Many friends have seen the Sweden Phone Number picture below. “Don’t trust anyone” is the survival rule of product managers. I want to talk about my personal opinion using real cases in the project, please keep a “skeptical” attitude at all times.

1. Maintain a “skeptical” attitude towards business demands

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Maintain a “skeptical” attitude towards business demands, and always remind us to ask more questions and communicate more deeply.

The following is the communication process for me with the business:

Business: Can the “unit price” in product management be modified independently and displayed in a separate list instead of the basic information modification?

Me: We have now made the function of information modification, which includes the modification of “unit price”. We need you to describe the detailed scene of this requirement and the role of the modification alone.

Business: I think it is more troublesome to revise together, I want to revise individually.

Me: If you make a separate modification, it will lead to duplication of functions, and it is not necessarily very convenient to use too many page functions. Moreover, we currently lack technical resources, and there are many needs in the schedule, so this optimization function will not be considered for the time being.

Business: Our team is mainly responsible for price optimization. If you don’t help us do this, how can I calculate price changes?

Me: If you need price changes, we can consider making a statistical report to better monitor and analyze price changes.

Business: Well, we can do it according to your requirements.

In our communication this time, the final plan is to make statistical reports to monitor the changes in prices.

However, I still maintain a “skeptical” point of view in my heart: the business side is not necessarily just looking at price changes, it is also possible that price changes have an impact on their performance, and they get price change data for statistical performance. If we can further directly calculate the performance of each colleague in the group through the system, the use of the business side will be more convenient.

Demand is invisible, and users often don’t know what they want. Due to the limitations of their own cognition, the solutions proposed by users are often a certain method that he has seen. All real needs come from communication. We must continue to delve into the core problems and provide solutions.

2. Maintain a “skeptical” attitude towards technical solutions

Maintaining a “skeptical” attitude towards technological solutions does not mean distrusting the level of technology, but just reminds us to always be prepared to deal with unknown risks.

Below is a problem with one of the systems I’m responsible for.

Demand: Calculate the trend value of sales in the past 30 days. The sales may fluctuate greatly in the past 30 days, so it is necessary to judge and use different calculation formulas.

The calculation logic of the design scheme: determine the number of values ​​with sales > 0 in the past 30 days :

  1. If the number is greater than 15, the calculation formula uses the median;
  2. If the number is <= 15, the calculation formula uses the average number.

Calculation logic implemented by technology: determine the number of values ​​with sales = 0 in the past 30 days :

  1. If the number <= 15, the calculation formula uses the median;
  2. If the number is > 15, the calculation formula uses the average.

For the convenience of judgment, the technology has changed the way of judgment. In most cases, the calculation results of these two methods are absolutely consistent. The test students simulated data to verify, the results are consistent, and the demand acceptance is online.

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