SME digitization: The calculations are not good Mr. Minister

So let’s talk well let’s talk little…. Let us come back to the aid for the digitization of SMEs . In this regard, you will surely have heard of the announcement of the Minister of the Economy, Mr. Bruno Le Maire, on BFMTV which stipulated that the creation of a website would cost 1,500 €. And therefore promises € 500 of aid for the digitization of companies from January 1, 2021. But beware, this aid will be conditional on traders who had a loss of Malawi Email List turnover during the second period of confinement. Of course, this help is welcome, but there is still a problem:

A site has never only cost 1,500 €, we explain why! A website is a long-term investment Cost of digitizing a business Creating a website is necessarily a long-term investment and adds value to your business. This investment allows you to have visibility on search engines such as Google and thus be able to be present on the web. Over time, your website spending decreases while your profits and sales increase. But not only, but the notoriety and the quality of your customer service also improve with the experience of a website.

The real cost of a showcase website The real cost of a website creation

The budget for a website is very variable. Indeed, the cost depends first and foremost on the type of website you want. As such, the price of a 10/15 page showcase site cannot be compared to an e-commerce site with 500 product pages, modules and a member area. SO LET’S COMPARE WHAT IS COMPARABLE! First and foremost for the creation of your site, you first have a choice to make: -First on intellectual property (among other things…). Either you go through a service provider like Wix and you pay a monthly subscription for the use of a website with X pages in your plan. And the day you stop your subscription, it’s over, no more website. Either you decide to create a website of which you are the full owner of your site (after the basic creation costs).

And just on this example, the cost of creating a site will not be the same! Then intellectual property is not nothing. In addition, to pay for a tool, you might as well make it yours from the start of your investment. In summary, the actual cost of an online website can also vary depending on customer demand and needs. Especially since the scale of variability is obviously smaller than for an e-commerce site. In order to give a (true) average, a showcase site is between € 2,500 and € 5,000. Then the real cost of an E-commerce website Cost of creating an e-commerce site in full ownership

Then the cost of an e-commerce site varies enormously depending on the service provider

the type of site (e-commerce site, web portal), the number of products to integrate as well as the modules to integrate and then configure. Also, there is a difference between creating an online store with 5 product sheets, 2 means of payment and 2 carriers; against an e-shop with 500 product sheets of 7 photos, 3 payment methods including online payment with your bank and 3 carriers. But to give you an idea on how to create an e-commerce site: The average cost is around € 3,950 * * Usually with 5 – 10 products maximum. The variable costs of a website Google SEO tutorial Natural and paid referencing A website needs SEO to be visible and indexed by search engines.

And obviously, a site without SEO will not allow you to be visible on a product or service search. Finally, it will therefore be impossible to acquire new qualified visitors. Note that the cost of a permanent listing is significant and can weigh several thousand Euros. This is why an SEO or / and SEA referencing strategy is essential to the good return on investment of your site. The Social Media variable Your presence on social networks is also important for your website as they can generate more traffic than you think. They develop your visibility and notoriety.

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