Smo & E-commerce: If We Retracted The Shutters?

Small introduction to piloting High- lift flaps are those flaps that come out of the wing during take-off and landing of airplanes. Their objective is, by transforming the profile of the wing, to modify its characteristics in terms of lift. Put more simply, an airplane can fly slower when the flaps are extended. It is the basis of piloting and it is with an action on the flaps that all flight begins. But once in the air, the flaps prevent the plane from flying fast because Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number List weaken the wing. To move up a gear, the pilot enters them as soon as he is high enough (100 to 500m).

You will pay attention to your next flight ( post Covid …) What relationship with digital will you tell me? Not so long ago, social networks were not identified as a profitable growth lever for retailers. They were barely used for dialogue with consumers, for brand communication. We, the performance agencies, influenced by our ultra-ROIste DNA, did not consider this lever as a profitable growth lever for e-commerce sites. It must be said that these were the heyday of the SEA and we were educated to work on the easiest (but also the most competitive) point of prospects, the one who is looking. A bit like a pilot has flaps that boost the performance of his plane, without allowing him to go far / high. But the situation has changed …

Search (Sea And Seo) Has Become Ultra-competitive

obviously because it was the easiest lever to activate, Reflexes have set in for online sales. Customers have identified their preferred distributors (generalists or specialists) and search reach therefore no longer necessarily makes it possible to reach all prospects, Finally, algorithms have improved, allowing social networks to gain in economic efficiency. This allowed them to finally attract the attention of traders. Test Instagram? Test… yes. This is also the vocabulary I used 18 months ago to invite our Search clients to a “recreation” on Social Networks. And then, if it didn’t work, you could always stop. But the question for all e-merchants is no longer to test.

40 million French people use social networks every day and spend more than an hour a day on average there. In fact, testing is not an option . I like to say that a business leader can, through his daily decisions, only delay the moment when his business will die. Testing and giving up social media means deciding to die faster. Because its customers are there, necessarily. Moreover, when a company launches on Google ads to sell its products on its first merchant site, it would not occur to him to say “I test a month and if it does not work I stop”.

No, Not Possible, Because Stopping The Search In Full Take-off Is Like Never Taking Off

We have to find a balance between growth and profitability. Well, it’s the same with social networks: the plane has taken off but now you have to retract the flaps and the landing gear to go faster and higher and that is not an option. The plane has taken off and we must now retract the flaps But the code has also changed The problem is that Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok or Pinterest have their own code. It’s not much more complex, but it’s different. We are not really on acquisition, but we are not exclusively on notoriety either. It is not that the ROI cannot be measured, but it is measured differently. And this is normal: we are not at the end of the chain with a specific search that leads to a product or a service. Each network has its role and this role may be different for each advertiser.

It is therefore a question of creating an ecosystem around the online sales site and of giving a media objective to each actor in this ecosystem. So yes it is new and it requires thinking about it. But basically, it’s not that complex. We’re just not, we retailers are used to thinking like that. And that’s where Tigrz comes in. Set goals To create this ecosystem, you obviously have to define your objective . “Testing a budget of € 5,000 per month on Facebook” is not an objective. One objective is for example: To reduce the Cost Of Sale by 3% by increasing the visibility and engagement of customers thanks to the SMO. Because yes, the SMO is complementary to Search . Both improve in their performance.

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