Sms Marketing Campaign: What if You Add Sms to Your Strategy?

Today, we have decided to tell you about a communication tool of which you surely know the principle, but which is little used, because too often ignored, in communication strategies: professional SMS . You may have noticed that there are many marketing levers in terms of digital communication to communicate about your business : newsletters, social networks, websites, AdWords campaigns, etc. Set up an SMS campaign Let’s come back to our Philippines Phone Number List senses and refocus on professional SMS . Do you know how this solution works, allowing you to share your offers and news to your customers ? Did you know that you can use this tool to communicate both internally and externally? Did you know that….

Stooop, have we piqued your curiosity? So, your digital communication agency will explain to you why setting up an SMS marketing campaign can be beneficial for your business. WHAT IS A SMS MARKETING CAMPAIGN? SMS marketing campaign The SMS marketing is a solution that allows you to broadcast your offers , promotions, invitations to events, news … directly to the phone of your clients and prospects. The goal? Communicate easily and quickly in just 160 characters! With the SMS pro, you will be able to create your SMS campaigns in a few clicks and personalize the sender ( with the name of your company ), write your message ( being brief and sometimes creative ), add links ( that of your website , the link of your brochure in PDF …) and finally schedule or instantly send your messages to your contact lists.

To send your campaigns, you must have previously

created your contact lists. So you can, for example, send SMS campaigns to your existing customers. You don’t have a database? P everal actions exist to retrieve the contact information of your customers : competitions, requests for opinions, registration form … if you need help, we will support you and create your database with you. Finally, after having sent your professional SMS campaigns, you will have access to numerous statistics to evaluate your campaigns such as: ✔️The number of SMS sent ✔️The number of SMS received and not received ✔️The rate of clicks on your links …

Note: To send your SMS campaigns to your customers and / or prospects, you must have previously requested their authorization , this is called the opt in . What does it consist of ? Your customers and / or prospects must have given you their consent so that you can send them advertising SMS campaigns by SMS. 6 REASONS TO SET UP AN SMS MARKETING CAMPAIGN Easy to use software You don’t need any training or knowledge of SMS to create campaigns . At Jadéclo we work with SMSFactor which is a 100% online French sms platform allowing you to easily create your SMS campaigns.

The platform is very intuitive and its handling is easy

You will be able to become independent in your sms communication. Set up an SMS marketing campaign A way to communicate quickly The big advantage of professional SMS? You communicate quickly and hit your target in record time. Because yes, the SMS is 90% of messages read in less than 4 minutes and a reading rate of 97%. Do you know more efficient? Note: this tool allows you to quickly disseminate your offers and promotions, but you can also easily communicate internally with your employees thanks to the SMS notification. SMS marketing is an affordable solution What does an SMS marketing campaign consist of? By using the advertising SMS, you only pay for the SMS sent! How does it work ?

You choose your pack and the SMS sent will be automatically deducted from it! Without a subscription, you can manage your SMS credits as you wish. You want to try ? Register for free on the SMSFactor platform and enjoy 10 free SMS ! Are you testing? Start sending your SMS campaigns now and reach 1000 people for only 65 €! The telephone is part of the daily life of the French Today, 90% of French people have a smartphone , so it is the perfect tool to disseminate your offers and reach your target. Whether for Generation X or Y, the telephone has become part of the daily life of the French.

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