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2019 is beginning, and it is high time to ask ourselves what will be the new social media trends of this year. New technologies, technical improvements but also various scandals like Cambridge Analytica make social media users want to change. The 2019 social media trends are numerous but all respond to various issues allowing an improvement of the user and customer experience. Several large structures specializing in social media such as Socialbakers Canada Email Address List or Talkwaker have published trends for the coming year. Based on our experience, while relying on these two analyzes, we will see what are the 2019 social media trends in B2B. Because yes, the B2B universe must now take a sharp turn and adapt to the social media trends of B2C.

We often evoke in this blog the future of customer relations and the consequences of new technologies on this sector. Today social media is of utmost importance for B2C and B2B brands. Whether your structure is larger or smaller, the notion of e-reputation allows you to generate more and more leads. So how do you get social media to generate more engagements and more leads while improving your reputation? What will be the 2019 social media trends that will allow you to create even more engagement and improve your online reputation? The first of 2019 social media trends: UGC (User Generated Content). Why do we consider User Generated Content or UGC to be the big social media trend in 2019? Quite simply because this type of content puts the user experience at the heart of your communication strategy.

Indeed, we now know that consumers

Buyers wish to be involved and integrated into brand strategies. Generation Y and Generation Z grow to such exchanges with the social networks. What better way for brands than to use the content of their users to advertise. Users feel more concerned and feel valued by the brand. The best-known example of User Generated content is undoubtedly GoPro. The latter use the content of their users to make videos to promote the product. Below you can see various videos of the brand made only with GoPro products. In the context of GoPro, the user provides his own experiences and he is not remunerated for it, unlike product placements.

Many other brands are carrying out this type of strategy, particularly in the fields of tourism, catering and fashion. User-Generated Content allows in some cases to appeal to micro-influencers who have a very engaged community. These micro-influencers that we will talk about later are also one of the 2019 social media trends. Most often we can find this type of content on: Youtube via spots promoting a brand like the GoPro example above. Instagram whether by image or via stories and tags that create engagement Snapchat, which creates word of mouth 3.0 and is a real source of influence for Generation Z.

UGC social media trends 2019

You can see that these two accounts are using photos showing the user experience of their customers. Snack content to meet the demand for immediacy of content What exactly is snack content? Well we could sum it up to very short content. The objective of snack content is to always create more content with a quick informative purpose. The goal is not to detail but to get to the point. We can really compare it to the food snack which aims to meet demand quickly. So why is snack content one of the 2019 social media trends? Quite simply by its short format. We can see that brands are using it more and more, particularly through video. If you are on Instagram or Snapchat this type of content abounds and joins a UGC strategy. In the context of B2B, the question of video is increasingly present.

80% of B2B marketers say they are ready to invest in this type of content. In addition, it allows you to answer questions and show the life of a business quickly. The advantage of video is that it creates 30 times more engagement than other content. Making snack content responds to several consumer demands in terms of: Speed ​​of content Diversity of content And especially for 86% of consumers of authenticity. The # 1 video social media tool Today video is the fourth most used tool behind the newsletter, blog and social networks.

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