Sponsored Brand Ads: New Ad Formats, A / B Testing And Optimization Tips

The Sponsored ads Amazon Brands (SBA) are banners that help consumers discover and commit to a brand, its store on Amazon and its products. Sponsored Brands are available to professional sellers of the Amazon Brand Registry, suppliers, publishers, and agencies. If used effectively, they build brand awareness with or without help, capture new customers, and increase consideration for a brand’s products. An effective Amazon Advertising Jordan WhatsApp Number List strategy requires SBA optimization. Our most recent analysis shows that 70-80% of consumers (variability by category) enter Amazon and discover new products and brands. In addition, 25% of those searching by brand explore multiple options.

Previously, brands could only access one ad format: the “ Product Collection ”. This option allows brands to include their logo and a maximum of three products. When a buyer clicks on the brands image or logo, they are taken to the store where they can discover it and explore their products. If a customer clicks on one of the included products (ASIN), the corresponding information page will be displayed. [Note: In April 2020, Amazon introduced a new feature that allows advertisers to change the creativities of their ads in Sponsored Brands campaigns. Find our point of view, here ].

Product Collection: Amazon Sponsored Ads In Addition To Allowing

Sponsored Brands to be changed as you go, Amazon Advertising includes two newer (and lesser-known) ad formats: Store Spotlight (Beta) and Amazon Video (Beta). Although they are less popular, it is worth getting familiar with these platforms by doing, at least, testing. 1. Store Spotlight Store Spotlight is a type of ad intended for mobile only that drives traffic to the brand’s store and / or subordinate pages of that online store . Advertisers can select which pages they want to highlight and which to redirect traffic to. It is likely that your brand fits into more than one category. With a traditional Sponsored Brands ad, traffic could be redirected to a section of the brand’s store and to information pages of up to three ASINs.

However, some brands are divided into more than one “subcategory” and so there is no way to know which one is of interest to the consumer. As an example, imagine that McDonald’s is selling on Amazon (we admit, we’re writing this article hungry…) and a customer searches for “McDonald’s”. Of course, everything would be much easier if he searched for “Brand + generic term”, but if he only wrote “McDonald’s” we would like to show as many sub-categories of the menu as possible so that the consumer can explore and , finally, to proceed with the purchase. Using Store Spotlight , McDonald’s could include up to three subordinate pages (i.e., Burgers, Sides, and Drinks).

Amazon Video In March 2019, Amazon Released “ Video,

” a format advertisers can select when creating Sponsored Brands ads. This option allows brands to include a product with an automatic reproduction video. It is desirable that the product is completely visible during the first second of the video, since it will be played automatically (when it is displayed at least 50% on the screen) in the upper part of the searches and will attract immediately the attention of the buyer. Info pages with videos on Amazon.com tend to have a higher conversion rate. Our team continues to collect data on Sponsored Brands ads, but early results show a higher CTR (click-through rate) for in-search videos. Search results vs.

Product detail page in Amazon Our optimization tips Don’t set a campaign end date. It is always better to end a campaign that is not performing well, than to end a campaign that is working because you set a time limit. Set a budget of at least 20 to 50 euros per day. The Sponsored Brands ads are usually the first content that buyers see ; don’t lose potential customers because your budget is exhausted. If a campaign is performing well and is below your ACOS goal (while still meeting KPIs), increase your budget to maximize ROAS. Develop a strategy to create Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products campaigns simultaneously , as well as to ensure the plan’s sustainability with regards to KPIs and budget.

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