The reign of big data lthough you have already heard something about it. what you should be clear about big data is that it refers to the ability to take advantage of the information that we have collected about our clients to make better decisions. The truth is that the internet has given us the possibility of collecting a lot of data about customers. but so much information is useless if we don’t analyze it and take it as a starting point to create better campaigns. Clearly. the problem is not getting the data but learning how to use it. Propose that this year’s objective is to interpret all the information you have accumulated (databases. metrics of your website. purchase indicators. customer habits. etc.).

To draw conclusions that help you better understand your audience and target your messages more accurately. Automation tools are becoming more common in marketing work Marketing can no longer function solely based on creativity and intuition. Now. with the technological tools available. each action is justified with figures and concrete facts and is executed more efficiently. For example. emails are automated to be sent at specific times and behaviors. social media posts can be scheduled in advance. and campaigns can be remotely managed and designed in advance. You can even run drills and tests to test actions before launching them and analyze the performance of campaigns in real time.

A Large Number Of People

Optimizing resources and time. Therefore. in 2017 Cambodia whatsapp number list investment in technological reinforcements will grow to facilitate daily marketing tasks and ensure better results. Likes and followers are no longer indicators of success as-1.pngWe have seen the rush to accumulate the most Facebook likes and Twitter followers as the only indicator of marketing success. Well. this fever tends to disappear because at the end of the day we are talking about figures that do not really reflect the effectiveness of a campaign. This will be the year that brands understand why it’s better to have 1.000 loyal followers. rather than a million anonymous inactive ones.

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In short. brands must focus on investing more time and money to deliver value to their audiences. Creating relevant. useful. interesting and attractive content. For example. a trend that we will see more of this year is the rise of so-called influencers . Who act as brand ambassadors to approach the public in a more friendly and assertive way. Mobile devices demand more attention smart. We already know that access to the internet from mobile phones is a statistic that does not stop growing. In fact. in some countries mobile traffic already exceeds browsing from computers. Therefore. having a website adapt to mobiles is now a must.

Type Of Advertising

Especially if we consider that people are getting use to making purchases from these devices. A fundamental aspect is to take advantage of the instantaneity and comfort that. Mobile phones offer to promote more purchasing opportunities and to. Create relevant content according to the location and temporary situation of our potential customers. In conclusion Beyond trends and changes in the market or in consumer habits. The marketing emphasis should be direct towards understanding the consumer to propose strategies. That respond to their needs and demands. Even though you cannot ignore what is happening around you and you must adapt. To the environment so as not to be left behind by your competitors.

Do not forget that it is important to create your own. Mechanisms to achieve your goals because each company is different. Each product has its particularities. and each audience behaves uniquely. If you still don’t know what it is. How to start and if you don’t know the regulations. This is the perfect opportunity to answer all your questions. Register for free in the next online conference “ Learn how to increase the efficiency of your company with electronic invoicing ” . What is Electronic Invoicing and what is its importance? Electronic invoicing is a method in which it is not necessary to use paper as a support for authenticity.

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