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Nine months ago, you most UK Phone number likely started 2018 fired up, with optimism and goals. Now that the fourth quarter is about to arrive, it’s probably obvious whether or not your law firm is meeting the goals you set. But it’s not just about this year – in addition to ensuring a positive end to 2018, a strong fourth quarter places your UK Phone Number firm on the right path for next year. Here are a few expert tips you should consider during the remaining months of 2018:

Reevaluate Your UK Phone Number Business Goals

The fourth quarter is a good time UK Phone Number to check in on the goals you set earlier in the year. Goals change when we have new information, so use this time to reevaluate the goals you set earlier in the year to see if they are still on point. If so, hustle to make them happen before the end of the year. If not, scrap them and come up with new and improved goals, including both short-term goals for Q4 and longer-term goals for 2019. Whether your website needs some changes, your social media engagement has lagged. Your vendors aren’t meeting your expectations. Thus, the fourth quarter UK Phone Number is a great time to evaluate your current situation.

Year-End UK Phone Number Prospecting

When time is of the essence UK Phone Number, look for low-hanging fruit. One of your best bets for ensuring a healthy fourth quarter is revisiting potential new clients you’ve already met with, spoken to, and/or presented with your sales pitch. Make a list of your best prospects from 2018 so far and follow-up with them, starting with the most recent UK Phone Number as you’ll have a better chance of closing them. Call back prospects from the previous quarter, and offer them a new type of incentive. Send out an email blast to create some business development momentum. You can and should also visit with exiting clients from whom you can get additional business – now is the time to cross-sell.

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