Summer for salespeople: new opportunities?

That’s it summer has started, the holidays are fast approaching and your salespeople will experience a decline in activity. The months of July and August are often months when the business activities of companies are not strong. Consequently, commercial prospecting becomes more complex than the other months of the year. However, summer for salespeople is a time when opportunities can arise. Summer for salespeople is a great opportunity for French Email List to conquer new market spaces and above all to go digital. Indeed, in the digital age, a salesperson must be able to improve their skills on these tools. Whether it is prospecting on social networks, automating certain tasks or writing content, a salesperson today must acquire new skills.

Summer is the perfect time to get started, especially since your leads and customers aren’t really disconnecting. We will therefore see how summer for sales representatives is synonymous with new opportunities and strengthening of customer relations? Summer for salespeople: a digitalization opportunity Summer for salespeople is a source of opportunity for digital prospecting. We know that today 72% of sales reps find information about prospects through LinkedIn. As direct prospecting is less effective in summer, researching your future leads can be done during this time.

In addition, we are all very connected today thanks

To smartphones in particular. So prospecting via social networks allows you to directly reach the people concerned. Even if your prospects are on vacation, they will always have your name and brand in the back of their minds. However, LinkedIn is not the only social network to rely on during the summer. Twitter and Facebook are experiencing drop in frequencies and getting to news feeds is easier. For this digital prospecting strategy to work, you need to have a content strategy. Having an inbound marketing strategy will allow salespeople to respond to the expectations and questions of their buyer personas . Creating your content strategy will allow salespeople to have real legitimacy when they prospect.


Summer for salespeople therefore goes through a writing phase. With the help of a content manager, the content will have real added value for the company. Last point related to digitalization, that of marketing automation. In collaboration with the marketing department. Working on a marketing automation strategy allows you to contact and follow up with your prospects with personalized messages. A period to take stock of the past and future year Summer for salespeople should also be the time to take stock of a year or a semester. This season should also allow the implementation of future strategies by salespeople with a view to increasing turnover. Why take stock at this time of the year? The answer is simple.

This is the time when business activity declines in all businesses

Summer for salespeople to take stock of the year. Taking stock of one’s actions at that time of the year is in keeping with the logic of sequencing the year. This first assessment must include several aspects which are: The turnover already achieved in order to see if it correlates with the objectives set at the start of the year. The methods used to arrive at this figure in order to see the rate of return of the shares. Debrief with all the teams Determine which areas for improvement the teams need to work on Sort through the actions carried out Making a first assessment reveals the strengths and weaknesses of a team but also the methodologies applied by the company. This period also allows the batteries to be recharged, because yes, the work of a salesperson is not easy. Indeed, the efforts made by salespeople are linked to seasonality.

There are times of rush and others of trough-like summer. This is why it is imperative that a salesperson learns more and more about digital. He will thus be able to prepare for the start of the new school year more calmly. Summer for salespeople to prepare for the start of September Summer for salespeople should be used to prepare sales actions for the second part of the year. After taking stock of its actions in the first half of the year, salespeople can turn to the start of the school year. Thanks to digital tools, his network, and his sales force, a salesperson can establish multiple strategies.

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