Summer Is Already Over and It Is Now Time to Go Back to School!

Your digital communication agency , Jadéclo, has prepared the September 2021 chestnut calendar for you to support you in your brand new end-of-year campaigns! And if you haven’t already, do not hesitate to consult the summary of the chestnut trees of 2021 right here! Find all the events for the month of September thanks to your 2021 marketing Senegal Phone Number List calendar! SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 5: WORLD BEARD DAY Celebrated every year on the first Saturday of September, World Beard Day was officially created in 2010.

And it is our friends the English who are at the origin of this event! But this event would seem to go back much further in history, to the time of the Vikings! Indeed, around the year 800, it is said that the Vikings of Denmark used to celebrate and glorify their imposing beards during collective feasts , organized several times during the year. Another legend is that the Vikings celebrate their beards by pillaging the surrounding towns.

Today, Beards Are Still Celebrated Around the World

But in a more festive way! In Spain, boxing matches between a bearded man and another beardless are organized. In Costa Rica, a large buffet and festivities are orchestrated by the world association of beards and mustaches etc. In recent years, the beard has come back in fashion! And for the little anecdote, know that the world record for the longest beard is held by the Canadian Sarwan Singh, who has a beard of nearly 2.5 meters long ! Jadéclo’s advice :tell your bearded followers about this beard day and organize a social media contest that involves a photo of them with your products! TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 21:

INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE Second chestnut tree September 2021: the international day of peace! Created in 1981, it was in 2001 that the UN decided to officially establish it each year on September 21. The Jadéclo tip : post a photo of your doggie on social networks with # WorldDogDay or share a post from an animal protection association to promote the adoption of our faithful companions! TUESDAY AUGUST 31: WORLD BLOG DAY In 1990, Tim Berners-Lee, a British engineer, created the very first website in history, “World Wide Web”.

He Thus Becomes the First Blogger in the World

Without even knowing it. But it wasn’t until 2005 that an Israeli blogger, Nir Ofir, created World Blog Day. But what exactly is a blog? The term “Blog” comes from the contraction of the English words “Web” and “Log”. In other words, it is a logbook on the internet . Today, corporate blogging has grown significantly and has become an integral part of our society . Very widespread in companies, blogs are even at the origin of the creation of new professions: content manager, blogger, editorial manager etc. Blogs are now a privileged means of communication.

They allow their authors to transmit information, to express themselves on an idea, to share an opinion or to testify on a subject . The Jadéclo recommendation : share your website blog (if you have one) with your followers! To conclude : And there you have it, it’s over for the August 2021 chestnut calendar! Now all you have to do is prepare your posts and campaigns for the month of August! Do not hesitate to consult the general chestnut calendar 2021 in order to have all the months of the year at hand!

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