Sunday, May 29: Mother’s Day

What could be better than a special day dedicated to one of the most important people in your life? There is only one mom and you have to know how to spoil her at least once a year! Connected watch, trip to the sun, dinner at a restaurant, nothing is too good to please your mother! The origin of Mother’s Day dates back to Ancient Greece. At the time, the Greeks paid homage to Rhea, the mother goddess of all gods, at the time of spring. In France, the first time this May 2022 chestnut tree was celebrated was in 1906 in Isère, in Artas. A ceremony was organized to Norway Phone Number List reward mothers of large families . In 1918, after the First World War, in Lyon, a “Mothers Day” was organized to pay tribute to wives and mothers who lost their husbands or sons during the war.

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It Was Only in 1929 That the Government Formalized

Mother’s Day for good. Mother’s Day is celebrated in many countries around the world : the United States, Germany, Belgium, Canada, South Africa, Turkey, Brazil etc. The Jadéclo idea: Wish all the mothers in your community a wonderful Mother’s Day! To conclude : Your May 2022 chestnut calendar is finished, you now have all the keys in hand to be able to work with confidence! And if you want to download your 2022 chestnut calendar in PDF version, quickly consult the global summary of the year Each year, a city is chosen as the Capital of the Book , Kuala Lumpur, Athens, Madrid, according to its actions towards reading and its dissemination in the country. This year in 2021, the chosen capital is Tbilisi, Georgia.

The events offered around the world are diverse: Fairs, Exhibitions, Workshops offered by UNESCO or promotional offers at your bookstores. The goal ? Facilitate access to books and put it forward. Over the years, digital has been linked to this day to promote reading in the form of hashtags allowing you to share your favorite books #WorldBookDay. Jadéclo’s advice: Invite your colleagues to exchange a book that they like and have in the form of asanta secret inorder to promote reading and strengthen their bonds through the book. To conclude : And There you go ! You are now knowledgeable about the major events of April thanks to your April 2022 chestnut calendar! Don’t forget to check out the full 2022 marketing calendar of all the events of the year !

Saturday March 26: Earth Hour Earth

Hour was created in 2008 by WWF (World Wildlife Fund), the global organization for the protection of the environment. It is the largest citizen mobilization for the current environment, and its goal is to preserve the planet and to raise public awareness of the dangers of global warming . This year, WWF has decided to focus its action on nature, and more particularly on the value and protection of biodiversity . Each year, dozens of countries participate in this international event by symbolically turning off the emblematic monuments they own for one hour.

Honolulu, Singapore, London, Moscow, Sydney, Paris, New York… All these cities saw their main buildings go out on the occasion of the Earth Hour in 2019 in order to show the world the importance of protecting the environment and the planet. Many establishments are also playing the game, such as hotels or restaurants, by offering dinners by candlelight to their customers. Citizens are also invited to turn off their lights for an hour, in order to express their support and their desire to act in favor of the planet. The Jadéclo recommendation: Invite your community to participate in Earth Hour as well by symbolically turning off their lights and bringing out their candlesticks and candles! To conclude :

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