Telephone prospecting in the digital age

In the digital age and the digital transition, traditional prospecting means are increasingly forgotten. However, these so-called “classic” means such as the telephone generate the vast majority of leads. Whether in the world of BtoB or BtoC, the part of phoning remains essential in lead generation. Despite its bad image, telephone prospecting is on the rise. Today, 92% of interactions with prospects go through this channel, according to salesforce Greece Email List research. With this first figure, we ask ourselves, how telephone prospecting does it face digital? The negative image of telephone prospecting Whether in BtoB or BtoC, being constantly requested by telemarketers can be annoying, especially when it does not concern one’s field of activity.

Despite this, he remains the greatest strength of salespeople, especially in the field of BtoB. We have all been dealing with sweet specifiers wanting: Without knowing it, you save 20% on your phone bill, Those who, under the pretext of false surveys, ultimately want to sell you a product or a service, Those who want you to believe in the financial miracle thanks to tax exemption. Despite this the figures speak for themselves. According to Salesforce, 70% of prospects hate telephone prospecting. However, 45% of these calls lead to a conversion with the customer. For 58% of them, salespeople are unable to answer their questions effectively. This is often due to another negative image.

That of call centers outsourced abroad

The returned image is mainly due to the large BtoC groups which outsource for level 1 problems abroad. Level 1 problems are often very easy to resolve, they are connections, start-up parameters, etc. The vast majority of people think of people with no understanding, low education, and reading a script. The reality is quite different. Many call centers have qualified people specializing in their field in their teams. The question of the script is the man-robot behind his phone is no longer relevant. As the worker is specialized, he is able to respond precisely to a request. He therefore does not follow a script to the letter but uses an argumentation strategy to answer more technical points.

The digital approach in commercial prospecting In the era of digital transition, its approach is very important for salespeople and telephone prospecting. Indeed the web is a gold mine of information to generate qualified contacts. Certain social networks are conducive to obtaining new Leads. According to the study conducted by Gungho Marketing , with the digital transition, a salesperson must spend at least 6 hours per week on Linkedin. Professional social networks, including LinkedIn, make it possible to identify prospects looking for suitable solutions, in many cases with purchase plans. These prospects can then be contacted at the right time, by phone, to seize business opportunities.

On the other hand, we also have the Inbound Marketing procedures

That many companies are implementing. Through this approach, they show their attachment to the digital transition and show the expertise that it brings to the fore. This materializes through blogging and the use of social networks. As Google says in its research, 74% of us look for information before making a purchase. Based on this premise, salespeople and marketers must adapt to this change. Human value above all. The objective of a good call center and of the commercial approach is the human value which marks their DNA. Unlike traditional call centers, the goal is to prospect for a campaign. The human approach is also increasingly sought after by companies. Despite digitalization, people remain an important and necessary constant.

With humans, lead generation remains constant from the start. Digital, on the other hand, takes a lot longer to generate good leads. Indeed, digital prospecting is much more instantaneous. But telephone prospecting is an “endurance sport”. According to several studies, the 5 th call is crucial for the detection of a project. Indeed after these 5 calls, human value pushes to make choices. The human value initiated from the start allows regularity in the generation of leads.

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