Users say that Facebook has had a greater impact on their purchasing decisions than any other social network? In fact. 61% of users who “Like” a brand’s post said they were more likely to buy one of their products. Ultimately. Facebook can help you make a real impact on your business sales. The Internet has changed the process of brand launches. Until the nineties. we had only 5 channels to launch a brand or product; there are now more than 30 channels. including paid search (SEM). social media. apps . and display advertising . However. the success of a launch is the result of a combination of tactics. which is why digital advertising is a great ally in the general strategy of the campaign.

Now. with so many possibilities in digital advertising. we could fall into confusion. so here are some tips to avoid it: 1. Choose the media according to the audience Audiences-01.svgWhen it comes to selecting the media to support a new product or brand launch. three points should be taken into account for any campaign: target market. campaign target and channels for each audience. Schneider Associates conducted a survey of memorable new product launches and found that each generation uses a unique mix of digital media. Broadly speaking. the results found showed that older people and those belonging to Generation X consume magazine and newspaper pages and combine it mainly with Facebook; Millennials prefer to use Facebook.

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Twitter and Instagram. while GenZ or Ecuador whatsapp number list is skeptical of brands. has a greater emphasis on peer-to-peer networks and their preferences in social networks are Snapchat. Instagram and YouTube. Likewise. it should be considered that today’s consumers look for six or more sources of information before buying a new product. This media consumption trend makes it more difficult for companies to build brand recognition. 2. Plan the budget Paying online is necessary to boost the campaign. For this. you must establish a plan that includes the duration of the launch campaign and the investment to be made. Display campaigns help increase brand awareness. increase web traffic and generate leads.

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Which is why these types of campaigns should be the first to include in your budget. just like other social media campaigns. 3. Repeat the message The new brand must not only be creative and agile in its approach to its message. but also repeat it to achieve greater recall. In any campaign. let alone a launch campaign. replay is necessary for several reasons. One of them because not everyone connects to the Internet at the same time or uses the same media as sources of information. Not everyone connects to the same online newspapers. blogs or networks. According to Wilcox and Cameron. repetition helps audiences remember the message for what it is.

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Ads that are not repeated are easily forgotten; in addition. it is necessary to mitigate the noise that surrounds a message. Therefore. when launching a brand it is important to invest in advertising in different online media. Both on the display network and on social networks. and allocate a budgetthat achieves a wide repetition in a defined time. Create a landing page Untitled Design (2).pngWhen planning the launch of the brand. It is important to build a landing page where visitors arrive. Once they have been attracted by digital advertising. Why is it important to use this tool? Landing pages allow you to personalize your message. Which means you can build on and continue the message you started with your ads to create a cohesive experience for page visitors.

Likewise. these types of pages are designed to encourage visitors to carry out specific actions. Such as downloading a book. filling in their data in a form in exchange for something. Participating in a contest. etc. One of the advantages of these types of pages is that you can combine them with simple tools like Kissmetrics. Which tracks your visits. To know where your new visitors are in the marketing funnel. In some cases. a single landing page is create for an entire advertising campaign. In other cases. it may be necessary to create a landing page for each campaign or audience. It all depends on your strategy. 5. Make your ad invite the click Although it’s easy said than done. it’s important that your ads are clickable.

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