Come to your website because of a recommendation, comment or advertisement seen on networks? Well, there is the importance of not separating that marriage (social networks and Internet page) that is vital for your business. The website is the basis of everything and this can be the final link for the customer to make the purchase decision , so it is vital that the networks are a window to make themselves known. In general, these SMEs take into account the following: They have an attractive page with a simple, dynamic and modern design. They provide added value with updated and interesting content, for example, through a Blog section, video tutorials or current news.

Do not focus on talking about the brand, but instead deliver different and innovative content (games, special promotions, etc.). They invite users to follow them on the networks , placing the buttons in sight. Some already have their store or shopping cart , thus improving the customer experience. 4. They are constant in the publication and complement each other This is one of the mantras of any digital strategy , especially if you want to improve your presence and positioning . SMEs teach us that: Without being intrusive, they keep these communication channels updated, which promotes brand recall. They focus on posting a few “powerful” messages and not a lot of worthless messages.

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They frequently change their covers Kazakhstan whatsapp number list profile pictures, which helps keep the corporate image fresh. They play with the contents of their various networks, that is, they make them interact with each other . For example, a Facebook post can motivate you to open your YouTube channel and this, in turn, link to an Instagram image gallery. 5. They do not forget to make attractive calls to action What would become of a digital strategy if we forget about the calls to action (Call to Action)? I think nothing. Social-Networks-SMEs-3-972150-edited.pngEven if the messages don’t explicitly say “buy” or “call” (and better not say it that way), large SMEs know that every message has a powerful call to action that responds to the objectives: Do you want to increase sales?

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And build customer loyalty with a promotion  generate more visits on other networks where you don’t have many fans, or increase visits to the website? Whatever your marketing goal is, it needs to be reflected in a clear, concise, and engaging customer call-to-action. Conclution Building a strategy that generates impact, attracts prospects, converts and leaves a mark, goes beyond just having a Fan Page or creating a profile on one of these networks. It is basically about being constant, creative, building trust and understanding the audience. Large SMEs have great lessons to teach us in this area and I know that these 6 things I learned can boost their management to achieve better results.

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Does your company apply any of these good practices? Has any worked better for you? Many times I have been assailed by the question of how successful entrepreneurs manage to have really productive days if they spend their lives at a thousand revolutions per minute. Do you have any time left to clear your mind? Do they rest at some point or do they also spend the nights thinking about work? I believe that great entrepreneurs know how to combine rest with productivity . Being highly curious people , it is difficult for them to simply “do nothing”, so even before sleeping they have habits that help them foster their creativity and pave the way to success. But what do successful people do well before bed and away from the walls and hustle and bustle of work?

Today I would like you to pay attention to this selection. Of 6 key habits that business leaders practice and put them into practice. 1. They meditate and reflect Many great entrepreneurs take time before bed for meditation and reflection. It is an ideal way to relax the body and mind and prepare for a restful sleep. In addition, it helps organize thoughts, minimize stress, anxiety, depression and, yes gentlemen, even pain! Entrepreneurs-SuccessfulIn this process, successful people take the opportunity to take stock. Of what happened during the day and. Without concentrating on the negative things that could have happened. They look for the positive to stay positive and motivated.

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