Thanks To This , It Is Possible To Detect Where It Is In The Customer Journey

Climate : thanks to information linked to the location, it is possible to adapt the countryside to the climate of each region. With such a varied geography, this is a crucial segmentation for certain sectors such as fashion. The possibilities offered by WeChat to reach Chinese consumers are of great interest to brands, whether they plan to internationalize their business or reach the many Chinese expats living in the West.

Thanks to the loading speed offered by this technology, it will be possible to: Create video ads with a higher resolution that, when served, will not slow down the loading of websites. Encourage the distribution of streaming videos. Forget about the Peru WhatsApp Number List AMP (accelerated mobile pages) standard. 2. New interactive advertising formats Due to the very low latency of 5G, it is possible to integrate users into virtual reality and augmented reality environments , creating platforms and advertisements where their movements and interactions trigger instantaneous changes in a fluid manner. The marriage between 5G and augmented reality will be extremely positive for e-commerce, which can offer potential customers an almost real interaction with the product before they buy it. LUCÍA GONZÁLEZ,

Audio, Video & Connected Tv Managing Director At Labelium Group

Better user experience With networks designed to satisfy the most impatient, the frustration of content that won’t load or videos that don’t play well will disappear. The user experience will be greatly improved, making unnecessary the use of ad blockers which many advanced Internet users use to speed up browsing. The result ? Brands will have more freedom to reach audiences with their advertising that they previously couldn’t reach, with a predictable increase in CTR and reduced bounce rates. La experiencia de usuario en la navegación móvil mejorará con el 5G

Personalization to the extreme The IoT will finally become a reality thanks to 5G. Synchronization between devices, artificial intelligence and automation will translate into extremely personal digital marketing strategies . These will take into account data such as the real-time location of each individual, or the products they have already purchased and those they have not yet acquired, to show them instantly adapted content on their smartphone. . 5. Real-time analysis This IoT boom will lead to the golden age of big data . With edge computing , data collection and exploitation will no longer be so slow, cumbersome, centralized and tedious.

5G Will Allow This To Be Done In Milliseconds Directly At Each Node

facilitating real-time analysis, decision-making and the automation of responses. On the other hand, this massive data collection enabled by the IoT will help digital marketers to: Get to know their audiences better, until they learn extremely specific characteristics, and segment them more precisely for launching campaigns. Knowing where to find – virtually and physically – your target practically every second. Therefore, the marriage of 5G and marketing will highlight very effective tools for customer satisfaction. It will be essential to study consumer behavior down to the millimeter and define ultra-personalized solutions for the touchpoints of the customer journey .

Who knows which algorithm he needs in each case? ALEX MASIP , HEAD OF DATA AT LABELIUM The potential of artificial intelligence, a field to explore Although companies are investing more and more in the development of technologies equipped with artificial intelligence, only a third of them consider that they apply a data-driven methodology in their usual way of working, as shown in the 2019 Big Data and AI survey from the American consulting firm New Vantage Partners . In any case, harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence means identifying the questions we want to answer: having all the data does not mean that it all has to be used.

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