Thanksgiving: an ideal date for the strategies of an American company?

To echo our previous article on the choice of dates in communication, we will focus on a key date in American history: Thanksgiving. Even if in France we do not celebrate Thanksgiving, across the Atlantic, this traditional holiday is synonymous with marketing opportunity. Obviously, the traditional side of this festival still remains, but it offers many strategies for companies. From then on, the brands understood the interest of being associated with Denmark Email List this event. Indeed, Thanksgiving has been a commercial celebration since 1951, when Black Friday was created. Every year, records fall and brands know that a good communication and marketing strategy can pay off big.

Today Black Friday and its little sister Cyber ​​Monday generate a turnover of 70 billion in the United States. This figure has been steadily increasing since its creation, particularly for online purchases, which is gaining 17% / year. In France, these two commercial events saw the light of day in 2014 under the aegis of the major retail chains. But it is only last year that we can see a real craze around this commercial weekend. Brands invest heavily in advertising and include these dates in their strategies. From then on we will see why a celebration like Thanksgiving allows a brand to increase its turnover.

Thanksgiving: from origins to consumerism

As we could see in the introduction, Thanksgiving today is much more than a celebration. It is both a traditional celebration paying homage to the founding father and a commercial celebration. But how this celebration was conquered by the companies. From its origins to today Thanksgiving has evolved a lot to benefit businesses today. The origins The origins of Thanksgiving date back to 1620 when around 100 English dissidents, called Pilgrim Fathers, disembark from the Mayflower. The latter founded a colony in Plymouth not far from Boston, but their beginnings were difficult. In fact, almost half of them died of scurvy which was very common at that time.

The survivors were saved by the Wampanoags and more precisely Squanto and Samoset . They offered them food, learned to fish, hunt and grow corn. In order to celebrate their first harvests, Governor William Bradford decreed in 1621 three days of thanksgiving. The settlers invited the Wampanoags to a meal to thank them and a turkey was in the spotlight. It was in 1671 that for the first time a public administration evoked Thanksgiving. However, it was in 1777 that the first national proclamation was signed. A few years later, it was Georges Washington who set up Thanksgiving Day. But over time, the celebration underwent several changes.

The most recent was under the aegis of Franklin Roosevelt in 1939

The latter proclaimed a national and public holiday all the 4th Thursday in November. After the Second World War, the economy had to restart and it was in 1951 that the first Black Friday was born. Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday After experiencing the Great Depression of the 1930s, the Second World War, the American economy found itself at half mast. Based on the fact that Thursday is a holiday and that many Americans are taking the holidays, many brands have decided on this day to kick off the Christmas shopping season. Over time, many companies saw the opportunity to explode their turnover. The observation is simple from 1951 to today, black Friday has gone from 3 to 70 billion turnover.

There is therefore a real profitability for the companies associated with this event. Through Black Friday, we can see that choosing these dates for strategic action is important. American Black Friday would not be Black Friday if it was placed a week earlier . In comparison, a classic month like October generates less turnover than Black Friday. Another comparative point is that of the labor day which is the first Monday in September which allows companies to generate 51 billion. In addition, black Friday has diversified and in 2005 Cyber ​​Monday was born. The objective is to respond to an increasingly growing demand to buy on the web. The principle is the same as for Black Friday. Each year the turnover only increases.

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