That your salespeople involve the customer more in his sales strategy

Make love Not War Among the slogans of May 68, this implies a philosophy of life. Love and sharing are what salespeople should convey. By having passionate salespeople then they will be more efficient. So how do you make them passionate about your brand? How can you convey to them the taste for your products and your values? There are three solutions to these questions which are: The involvement of your salespeople in the Latvia Email Address sales strategy and the means of realization. Let them control the speech they transmit by personalizing it. The recognition of their work which according to roadoo-network is an important point to increase the motivation of your employees.

According to their study, 77% of employees say that recognition of their work by the company is essential for their motivation. In addition, 56% of HR managers fear that their employees will leave the company if they do not feel supported Supporting its employees is therefore a non-negligible constant that you must have with your salespeople. Imagination takes power The question of imagination is essential for salespeople. They must constantly be able to renew themselves and find the solution to convince and sell. Imagination allows plans and strategies to be established, allowing the creativity of the salesperson to act.

As the author of The Wizard of Oz Lyman Frank Baum writes

Reality owes a lot to the imagination. Many successes come to fruition after imagining a concept or method. Each of us are creative and leaving some creativity to your salespeople will allow them to obtain more contracts. Walls have ears. Your ears have walls Listening is one of the parameters that distinguishes a good salesperson from a bad salesperson. First and foremost, a salesperson must be able to pick up the signals that customers send during their meetings. But in the digital age, the question of listening is multi-channel. Social networks, blogs and forums are true goldmines of information. Digital tools must be listened to by salespeople.

These information walls must be read and listened to by your salespeople so that they can conquer new markets. In addition, digital allows you to know the state of health of your company via e-reputation. So your customers through the digital walls have ears and know you more than you know them. Taking this media noise into account must be an integral part of a business strategy in order to be able to offer a better customer experience. It’s just a beginning, let’s keep fighting Among the May 68 slogans, this makes it possible to draw a parallel with the fact that the negotiations should not be stopped too quickly. Indeed, we know from experience that it is in the 5 th call that the transformation of a lead buyer in proceeds.

How Long To Make A Sale

Force Plus Leaving a trade negotiation too early will mean you lose contracts and therefore money. So yes, immediacy is an important factor, especially in the digital age. But despite changes in consumption patterns a lead converts on average around the 5 th call. Having persistence is the key to a salesperson’s success. Bonus of a quote from the slogans of May 68 One of the main slogans of May 68 was: Run Comrade the old world is behind you . The hijacking of this slogan jumped out at us like so many other advertisers and marketers before. Trade course, the old world is behind you.

This quote is clearly topical. Today a salesperson cannot do without digital tools. Digitization, as mentioned by Yves Tyrode of Groupe BPCE, is a necessary step that all companies must face in order to survive. The customer experience has always evolved in our daily lives, such as the appearance of supermarkets in 1958 or the arrival of smartphones in 2007. Nowadays, digitalization forces us to rethink the customer relationship and this goes through digital channels. Obviously, digitalization cannot do without classic communication tools. So if you want to strengthen your commercial actions, do not hesitate to collaborate with specialized call centers.

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