The 10 advantages of outsourcing your lead management strategy

Recruiting new customers is the goal of any business. To do this, you have to go through the lead generation stage in order to then transform them into customers. Lead generation is part of a global strategy called lead management. This strategy breaks down into four stages: Acquisition of new leads. The acquisition of leads is generally part of a more global digital strategy. It includes inbound marketing, social selling, marketing automation, etc. Qualification of the leads generated. Qualifying leads means categorizing them according to their Belize Email List profile, habits, interests, etc. Nurturing qualified leads. Nurturing leads means feeding them content that interests their profile for a shorter or longer time. The objective is obviously that the shared content convinces them of the quality of the company and therefore that they become customers.

Conversion of nurtured leads. The final objective is obviously that the lead becomes a customer, convinced by the quality of the company in question. The advantage of lead management is that it maximizes business opportunities by systematizing and personalizing the processing of each new incoming request. However, it takes some time and investment that some companies prefer to devote to other tasks. Others simply do not have the financial means to set up such a mechanism internally. Do you recognize yourself in one of these situations? Do you lack the time or money to set up a complete lead management strategy? Good news ! It is indeed possible to outsource your lead management strategy in order to focus on your core business. An external agency takes care of the development through to the implementation of the strategy.

Outsourcing your lead management strategy: what are the internal advantages?

Advantage n ° 1: controlled and reduced budget We are not going to lie to each other, the budget is the cornerstone of any business. The feasibility of any action is subject to the budget necessary to carry it out, and the income it will potentially generate. In fact, many companies would like to adopt lead management to recruit new customers, without having the funds for it. This is when outsourcing your lead management strategy can be very relevant. However, who says outsource, says pay an external service provider!

However, outsourcing will cost much less than insourcing the mission. Here’s why. First of all, when establishing the contract, you fix with the agency the budget allocated to this task. So, at the end of the month, you don’t have any bad cash surprises. In addition, you benefit from the advice of an expert. By seeking to recruit this kind of profile, you would pay much more in salary and expenses than the cost of the service.

Advantage n ° 2: wage bill under control

Along the same lines as the previous point, by hiring internally you expose yourself to the risks associated with being hired. In addition, in the context of lead management, you will not necessarily need the same payroll all the time. A hiring does not allow any flexibility. By choosing to outsource its lead management strategy, on the other hand, it is the service provider who manages this risk. He will be all the more able to adapt to the seasonality of the missions that you entrust to him, as well as to the different stages of the project. In fact, at the start of the project, more resources will be needed than in full service.

Advantage n ° 3: focus on your core business Acquiring new customers is a problem common to any business, even those for which it is not the core business. For them, it can therefore be a real headache, not mastering good practices. In fact, there is a huge waste of time, money and productivity when this mission is kept in-house but managed by the uninitiated.

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