Discover some of the brands that have transformed. Their visual identity in 2021 and the concepts that have guided them the marks are everywhere. From the smartphone we use every day. To the clothes we wear, we are often surrounded by logos, concepts and values ​​of dozens of companies.

If we take into account the digital world, this exhibition. Triples and shows us how brands, even if they are not people, participate in the lives of thousands of people at an almost intimate level. If in medieval europe heraldic art and emblems were created to identify the soldiers of the same army, for the first brands, the creation of a logo was also part of a differentiation strategy.


Was Chosen by the Argentines Themselves Through an Online Vote

After all, it was necessary to differentiate the photo retouching service most elaborate product from a simple merchandise or commodity . Brands and their visual identities are After that, everywhere. Image love street studio. Over time, brands have gone from being a wrapper to becoming an identity with values ​​and purposes. Thinking about the strategy of how your brand will relate to people, the stories it will tell, the causes it will defend.

All of this is part of what we now call branding or branding management . And sometimes, at a certain moment in its history, a brand needs to change, update, reinvent itself. This process is called rebranding . Below, we show some of the most impressive rebrandings of 2021, but first we analyze both concepts in depth. What is branding for researcher molly hislop, in a research paper published on the internet in 2001 and which can be found on the archive.

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The Chilean Retail Company Presented Its Official Changes

Today website, branding is the process of AOB Directory creating a relationship or connection between a companys product and the customers emotional perception, with the aim of generating segregation among the competition and building loyalty. This is how, for example, brands like apple manage to create a strong. Connection with their public, a commercial loyalty that goes beyond visual and aesthetic recognition.

Developing strategies to create ever stronger bonds After that, with consumers is what drives the strategy of all modern brands. The 26 most impressive rebrandings of 2021 3 any brand must develop strategies to create increasingly stronger links with consumers. In 2016, the tip transparency, inspiration After that, and purpose survey, carried out in collaboration. Between the companies ana couto branding and officina sophia in brazil and published in the. Magazine meio mensagem , indicated, for example, that 67 of people are willing to pay more for products from companies that. Connect with them, companies whose values, beliefs and purposes are in line with their own.

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