Let’s say at the beginning what we will say at the end. Yes, a 4-day work week really works. For both companies and employees. It has been thought of as a dream for people who work five days or maybe more in a week. But, three day weekend is not unachievable anymore. It is the future of work. There have been various four-day work week trials around the world, like in Belgium, Iceland, New Zealand, and the UK.




A four-day work week increases employee satisfaction, company commitment, and teamwork and decreases stress levels, which means more mental health. Moreover, these companies contributed to reducing Iran Phone Number The carbon footprints of their business. Even better, reducing the work week to 4 days doesn’t decrease employees’ productivity or company output. Then, how does this dream process work? What are the benefits of applying the four-day work week in your agency? Keep reading and see the how. Why a Four-Day Work Week? Let’s start with the basics.


What is a four-day work week.

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Well, you work only four days and have a three-day weekend. Moreover, your salary keeps the same. It is hard to believe, right? But it really happens. It is not a compressed work week. You don’t have to do all the work you can do in your five-days work week in four days. The work hours are not compressed but reduced. The employee earns one more weekend day, which can be any day in the week (mostly Friday). Implementing a 4-day workweek is essential to stay one step ahead as digital agencies demand talent and remain competitive in the market.






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