Seven major paint brands announce their favorite shades and colors for the coming year 2021 is just a few weeks away and, as is often the case on these dates, the big brands related to the world of design are beginning to advance their proposals for the coming year. Seven of the most important leading international painting firms in interior design have already announced their bets and, curiously, there have been coincidences.

Firms benjamin moore, ppg, sherwin williams, glidden paint and. Behr have chosen green tones, while graham and brown and dulux have chosen to highlight blue tones. This similarity of criteria leads. Us to consider the possibility that these two colors also include the longawaited pantone color of the year, which will be announced soon. The 7 trendy colors in 2022 2 the trends of the year are divided between greens and blues.


This List but It Once Again Echoes the Idea of ​​the Organic Energy

Christina rumpf for unsplash. 1.October mist the background remove service new york firm benjamin moore has been in the color industry for 132 years and has chosen the greenish tone october mist among its 3,550 currently available colors. Described by the brand as the softly shaded pale green stem of a flower, this shade is effectively. A soft enough green to work as a neutral color. The 7 trendy colors in 2022 4 october mist applied to a room.

Benjamin moore the company also announced that, like the. Rest of its products, the october mist october mist in spanish was created based on ecological dyes that do not cause environmental damage and do not contaminate the respiratory system of those who work with them. 2. Olive spring the olive sprig color is. An elegant, earthy, versatile and highly adaptable grayish green that has been chosen by the ppg brand as a trend for 2022.

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Green Guacamole Does Not Fulfill the Function of the Gray Color

From its headquarters in pittsburgh, united states, the AOB Directory firm 135yearold has announced that it will offer the shade as paint of the year in the 70 countries in which it operates. After that, The 7 trendy colors in 2022 6 olive sprig connects environments with nature. Ppg ppg proposes this variation of the olive as the symbol of rebirth and as evocative of natures resilience. It emulates the sensation of calming aloe vera or a fragrant plant that permeates. Any space with an organic vitality, reads its statement.

Evergreen fog the firm sherwin williams has chosen the tone evergreen fog green fog in spanish for the year 2022. It is a versatile and relaxing color that is halfway between green and gray. With a touch of blue that brings more seriousness . It boasts a simple yet sophisticated style and represents a way to bring an organic touch to urban spaces. The 7 trendy colors in 2022 8 evergreen fog applied to a living room.

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