The Actual Configuration Of The Business (Logistics Or Pricing And Discount Policy)

But others can be addressed from the online marketing strategy. The tactics paid should be tailored to the customer’s buying journey : they involve the selection of public, channels (search, social, video, display …), types of advertisements, messages and objectives. They may not be the same for customers with a clear purchase intention as they are for those who just take a look and be inspired. MATÍAS CANDAL , STRATEGY DIRECTOR AT LABELIUM But… remember that your customer’s success is also your success. Stimulating the flywheel also the Philippines WhatsApp Number List means taking advantage of the experience of users who have successfully completed their purchasing journey. To do this, it is essential to transmit it and highlight it through surveys that reflect their opinion or reviews on a product or, in the case of B2B companies, to involve them in the creation of success stories. which show the results obtained as a whole.

Therefore, the website should not only be optimized for the most relevant keywords, but also easy to find products with visible page landings and careful categorization. In the days of the Mobile First Index, the mobile version of the website must be faster and more efficient than ever in terms of navigation. Black Friday is a global event whose impact on sales in the retail sector is indisputable. Each digital channel must consolidate and improve communication and sales efforts during this crucial week.

Keep The Information For Each Physical Store Up To Date And Make Sure It Is Accessible:

It is a mistake to design the digital marketing plan independently: each action is closely linked to the others. Even if click-to-brick is reinforced with performance campaigns, local SEO optimization should not be neglected. In this sense, it is relevant to: Maintain each store’s profile on Google My Business . This is also a prerequisite to achieve click-to-brick with Google Ads. Strengthen the positioning of e-commerce in local searches by optimizing the information for each store taking into account all the available geographic levels: by region, by city and, if there are several, by street or shopping center. Thanks to up-to-date information on the address, timetable, telephone number, photos…

we will succeed in ensuring that these landings are positioned in SEO above online directories. Successful retail sales are only possible if all customer contact channels are taken into account. The ultimate goal is to make their shopping experience excellent and to retain them. API (Application Programming Interface): APIs allow systems to communicate with each other through a set of codes and specifications. The goal of API development in the banking sector is to adapt their services to digital environments through greater data integration .

Often These Are Fragmented And Stored In Different Systems

making it difficult to process information efficiently. Habilitar el pago por móvil es una muestra de la transformation digital en el sector bancario Activate new payment methods: The evolution of payment methods is leading more and more consumers to use mobile applications, wallets, wearables and other systems to make their purchases. Rapid innovation in this area has motivated more advanced regulation at European level. The PSD2 Payment Services Directive is called upon to regulate electronic payment services in the EU so that transactions take place in secure digital ecosystems. Cybersecurity: In the banking sector, cybersecurity is one of the main challenges related to digital transformation.

One of the priorities is to prevent customer fraud and limit the exposure of systems to cyber attacks. The investment in cyber security must be shared between prevention, threat detection and mitigation of external interference. At Labelium, we are well aware of the changes that are driving digital transformation in the banking sector. We work hand in hand every day to bring banking entities closer to their customers through their digital marketing strategy .

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