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Advantages of natural referencing: here is a small post from our web agency to demonstrate the added value of natural referencing as part of your referencing strategy. To begin with, you have to understand that Google SEO is not an exact science. Certainly …. But the digital marketing and the marketing strategy that you will adopt are the starting point for optimizing your visibility. And this is by updating good SEO practices and excluding the Cocos Islands Keeling Email List bad ones. Also, putting in place a long-term SEO strategy will considerably optimize your presence on the search results of your site.

The Search Engine has the main advantages of being the most profitable SEO in the long run. And also to offer qualified traffic (targeted and at a lower cost). What are the 3 main advantages of SEO? what is so marketing 1 – Web traffic qualified for your activity Reference yourself and deploy an SEO strategy related to the keywords searched by your target. And whether it is B to B or C. Also, this will allow you to lower your cost of acquiring traffic.

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SEO optimization web service 2 – SEO = Increased web visibility As soon as a natural referencing strategy is adopted by a website, natural referencing increases in the following days. The goal of SEO strategy management is also to improve and perfect the presence on social networks to gain places on Google. And of course, the Grail is the 1st Google page and the Absolute Grail is one of the top 3 positions of the 1st Google page. 2019 e-commerce key figures 3 – Increase the results of the conversion rate & user experience. Indeed, a website that offers products or services, in a precise and detailed way, with photos and videos, a word for the after-sales service with possible feedback will be the best way to convince your customer.

This is to say that having quality content that meets customer and search engine requirements optimizes your visibility and will trigger online purchases or requests for quotes. This is a real competitive advantage for companies that are still (too) little digitized. Examples of advantages of natural referencing are called SEO advantages of referencing on a practical case on the GDPR, To begin with, and directly measure the advantages of natural referencing, it is necessary to develop a referencing strategy with the semantic study of your sector of activity. Indeed, this allows you to position your website on qualified and quality research results. First, on the example above, with the theme of ” GDPR ” (discover our post on the subject here ).

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So, in natural referencing, we can very well be placed in front of a competitor, an official, or a state body. What will make the difference will be the quality, informative, and illustrated content with a good user experience. We can see this on a similar request, still related to the GDPR. In the illustration below, we can also make the same observation, the Extern’Market agency is in front of the CNIL. SEO advantages of your website Then another theme, the Corsican language in the image below. On the request “ Good night in Corsica ”, a translation agency stands in front of the main online translators or organizations promoting the Corsican language. And here too, we arrive at this search result thanks to quality content and a good user experience.

The advantages of natural referencing on a specific request Last example, concerning a dish or at least a meat with the dish “beef carpaccio”. See the image below. The advantages of natural referencing with the example of beef carpaccio You might think that a search result on a major cooking guide or a food industry brand is present in the first 3 results or even be the 1st! But no, it is a butcher’s shop that offers a recipe for a beef carpaccio on its blog as an editorial line. And this is achieved thanks to quality content, meeting the criteria requested by Google, and a positive user experience.

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