The Art of Brand Storytelling: an Occult Science?

When the competition is fierce and we are looking to give more consistency and substance to a communication campaign and its content strategy , it is possible to appeal to a method well known to salespeople and marketers: storytelling . Coca cola storytelling To give you a definition, storytelling is the act of giving a brand a universe, thus enriching it with key markers and poetry . This technique consists in creating a particular universe, a story around a Bahamas Phone Numbers List brand or a product … but always for a commercial purpose . In short: storytelling consists of getting your key messages across in a story that will captivate your targets. But I’ll stop you right away! This story, although it may resemble a novel, is not written and disseminated in the same way .

To tell your story, the most suitable communication media are as follows: newsletter, website, blog, social networks, print and video. BUT WHERE DOES YOUR STORY COME FROM? About your brand itself, its history and its values . There can be many sources of inspiration: talking about the founder and his life path, the context of the creation of the company, the particularity of the products sold, the values ​​of the team, etc. Luxury brands excel in the field of storytelling and do not hesitate to produce communication campaigns solely focused on their brand universe.

We Can Take the Example of the House of Chanel Which Has Chosen

on several occasions to communicate about its founder, Gabrielle Chanel. Several communication media are entirely dedicated to it, such as a website . WHY WORK ON BRAND STORYTELLING? Several answers: • Storytelling has the power to captivate audiences : the message reaches consumers more easily through a story. • Storytelling has a role of unifying the brand , through its story, consumers feel closer to the values ​​promulgated by it. • Above all, storytelling has the power to make consumers love one brand more than another. Gabrielle Chanel’s storytelling for the Chanel brand In our previous example, the Chanel brand delivers a prestigious house message through the talented and iconic character of Gabrielle Chanel.

Although storytelling in itself remains difficult to quantify , it is above all a powerful communication tool that serves the reputation and notoriety of a brand . Although this is indirect, successful storytelling will always have a positive impact on a company’s bottom line. It is he who creates a large part of the attachment to the brand and who causes that extra “je ne sais quoi” that pushes people to pay “very” dearly for one product over another.


Play on the emotions • Take the marketing discourse on the back burner , the first being the brand universe and its benefits • Make sure to speak to people who share your vision of the world (it is important to know and define who are your targets upstream ) • Develop a coherent storytelling that focuses on respecting your essence, your values ​​and your charter • Include elements of your company or brand in your narration • Respect the traditional outline of a storywith the initial situation, a disruptive element, the course, the resolution and the final situation • Bring your story to life : your story is not fixed, it is nourished by each event and can be shared and lived on a daily basis ( social networks can help you a lot with this).

To conclude : You will understand, when you want to communicate, storytelling turns out to be a very powerful tool for spreading a message very effectively. But above all, it is the means to use to stand out from its competitors during strong periods of communication like Christmas. The examples given above apply more broadly to big brands, but know that storytelling is not incompatible with smaller ones! What will always prevail is the coherence and the emotion of your story. Concepts that have also made the success of young brands that have become big, such as Le Slip Français or Michel et Augustin.

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