The BANT in 2018: how to carry out a good strategy?

With digital transformation, is BANT as we know it still relevant? To generate leads, BtoB companies use specific actions to measure their commercial actions. On the issue of lead generation, BANT is proving to be an effective method because it allows you to personalize the offer. However, digital has seen a change in our consumption habits and in particular in Anguilla Email List the purchasing process. According to a Google study, 74% of Internet users do research before making an act of purchase. According to a study carried out by CEB, 57% of Internet users carrying out research are already decided to make a purchase before calling on a salesperson.

From this first observation, we can ask ourselves if the BANT is really useful or not? The answer is undoubtedly positive. However, this no longer takes place in a purely commercial approach. So we will see if the BANT in 2018 is a sufficient strategy to generate leads? BANT, in a nutshell, BANT is based on 4 variables in order to assess whether your lead is ready to take the act of buying. These four variables are interdependent and if one of them does not respond positively then the lead is not yet ready. Let’s see together the 4 stages of BANT:

The budget: An essential question for the end-user

The question of the price must fall within the allocated budget of your client. Whether in B2B or B2C, the customer has a ceiling price that he cannot exceed. If this is too high for him then he will try to negotiate or will not go through with the act of buying. Above all, it allows you to measure a customer’s ability to afford the product or service you are offering.

Authority: A bit harder to distinguish because it is about knowing the person who validates the purchases. Often in a business wishing to make a purchase, the person making the first contact (form or call) is not the buyer. The objective of the authority is to classify the different interlocutors while finding the interlocutor who can make the purchasing decision. This action is carried out by contact with the first person you will have contacted. You will need to learn about the hierarchical and decision-making system of your interlocutor to offer them a personalized customer experience.

The need: In order to offer a personalized customer experience

You must determine the real needs of your lead. This goes through a phase of information and making contact. Determining the need will tell if your lead is relevant or not Time: Any purchasing action involves a question of time. Whether for a product or a service, it must be measured. The objective is to have reasonable and feasible deadlines so that both parties can be satisfied with this collaboration.

BANT in a multichannel strategy. In the midst of a digital transition, the realization of a BANT strategy cannot be done without a multi-channel strategy. According to the CEB study that 57% of Internet users looking for information already knew if they would buy. Based on this observation, carrying out digital actions is essential to attract leads. BANT must be based on digital and traditional channels. First, digital channels such as social networks and content marketing promote your BANT. Indeed, the content makes it possible to arouse the need and consequently to push a person to fill out a form. Using this form, you will be able to find out the person’s real purchase intention.

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