The Basics to Know Before Starting a Business Youtube Channel!

Created in 2005, the YouTube video hosting site has since become the third most visited site in the world. Bought by Google in October 2006 for more than a billion dollars, YouTube is today a streaming video platform renowned throughout the world. Tutorials, travel videos, online courses, lives… The platform has become a real communication tool . Originally used primarily by individuals, YouTube is nowadays increasingly adopted by professionals. So what are the reasons for creating a corporate YouTube channel for a successful Belarus Phone Numbers List communication strategy ? We will explain everything to you ! create a corporate YouTube channel

Used as a banner, to show how a product works or to highlight a service, marketing video is used in many formats. To give you an idea, on social networks, a video generates 1200% more sharing than a post with a photo or just a text. When it comes to content, 80% of online site visitors will watch a video , while only 20% will read site content. Develop your brand image and communicate differently YouTube is a tool more and more used in the communication strategy of companies . Allowing you to highlight your company, your products, your services or even your experience, you will be able to make your brand speak in a unique way.


For starters, YouTube is a video hosting site and a social network that anyone can access (users don’t need an account to view videos). Available for free or in a premium version, the platform is accessible on computers, mobiles and tablets. Considered as a huge library bringing together thousands of themes , you will be able to consult videos of music, lifestyle, sport, DIY, cooking, travel, on entrepreneurship, education … With almost a third of individuals on YouTube, the platform has grown. Today, YouTube in France is: An audience that is both female and male (49% female and 51% male) 81% of French people who use

YouTube 46 million visitors each month An average of 46 minutes per day spent on the platform for 18-34 year olds and an average of 27 minutes for 25-49 year olds WHY START A CORPORATE YOUTUBE CHANNEL? How many videos do you see go by per day? On your social networks, websites, streaming platforms… Today, video has become THE new way to consume communication . Video not only allows you to animate and vary your media, it allows you to convey a real message , often in a more fun way.

The Act of Communicating by Video Allows You to Humanize

Your communication and disseminate information that will be much more pleasant to view. By sharing videos via your YouTube channel , you will create real added value with, for example, the implementation of storytelling to discover the identity of your brand, tutorials to support your listeners, or promotional videos to communicate on your brand. Develop your brand image with storytelling The big plus: with YouTube, share your videos on many media such as your social networks, your newsletters or your website thanks to plugins allowing you to integrate your videos easily and quickly. YouTube: the second largest search engine YouTube is a real mine of information for Internet users.

It is the second largest search engine in the world after Google (we keep in mind that YouTube was bought by Google). With over 3 billion queries typed every month , YouTube brings together information on every possible and unimaginable subject. YouTube: the second largest search engine With YouTube, it is therefore possible to reach a huge audience , but also to create a buzz by highlighting viral content . Indeed, who has never dreamed of exceeding the millions of views with a video that makes the buzz and that will be shared on all communication media? So why do without it? That would be a shame! Quick tip: to discover the latest YouTube trends, go to Google Trends and select “YouTube Search”.

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