The “Color” Function Is the Functionality Which Will Allow You to Play With the Colors

This is also where you will be able to put your black and white photos . Edit your photos with Lightroom Instagram To begin with, we recommend that you first click on the “blend” option , which will allow you to adapt the hue, saturation and luminance of the dominant colors in your photos (red, orange, yellow, light blue , dark blue, purple and pink). Let’s take an example, you have a field of sunflowers, if you want to accentuate the color of the petals, all your Jordan Phone Number List have to do is click on the yellow color, and adjust your settings. You can have a more orange tint, by shifting the slider to the left, or rather green by shifting it to the right. Subsequently, you can modify the temperature or the general saturation to harmonize all of your photos.

We remind you of the definitions: The temperature corresponds to the light source present in your photo, it is measured in kelvin. This can be considered as “warm” (by shifting the cursor to the right) when the tones tend towards yellow / orange. On the other hand, when you shift the slider to the left, you will have “cooler” colors with more blue / green tones. Saturation is the intensity of the colors in your photos. These will be duller and tend towards black and white if you shift the slider to the left. If you shift the slider to the right, the colors will be more intense and saturated.

Change the Light for Lighter or Darker Photos

After having adjusted and played with the different colors of your photos, you will be able to play with the exposure of these. For example, you can increase or decrease the brightness by adjusting the “exposure” or even the “highlights”. The “contrast” slider will allow you to accentuate the colors. You can also play with shadows to add depth to your photos. Add effects and details to create a real identity To go further in terms of customization, it is possible to play with the effects by adding, for example, a texture to your photos, a vignette, rounding or even grain effect.

The goal is to be able to personalize your photos as much as possible to create a real identity and harmonize your Instagram feed . SOME TIPS FOR HAVING A CONSISTENT INSTAGRAM FEED Take bright photos for easy editing Do you sometimes stroll on Instagram and come across accounts where the colors make you dream of a vacation in the islands? You just need to use Lightroom for Instagram to edit your photos . Although we have explained how to modify them, we recommend a few rules such as: Take photos in the middle of the day when the light is good Put your subjects at the center of your photos Avoid taking your photos in a dark room Take your photos with a margin wide enough to be able to crop them Use colorful elements in your photos that go well in your feed Use the presets to edit your photos on Lightroom Instagram

Use Adobe Lightroom Presets to Harmonize Your Photos

On the free Adobe Lightroom application , you can save your own settings, also called presets (a preset is a set of parameters gathered under a single “filter” allowing you to apply the same settings to all of the settings. your pictures). To do this, edit your photo as you wish, then click on the three small dots at the top right of your screen, select “create a preset”, name it and you’re done. To apply your settings to your photos: Select your photos Click on “predefined” Go to “user presets” Then select the preset you want to apply. Remember, you don’t have the same exposure on your original photos. Thus, we recommend that you adjust your settings manually to find the ideal colors . Usually, you will always change the same settings.

For our part, we mainly use the “colors” and “brightness” functions . Now, you know a great social media tool allowing you to have a beautiful brand image to promote your e-reputation . Good to know : You have the option of purchasing and installing Lightroom presets. The presets are downloadable on computers and mobiles in .zip format. If you want to install a preset on your mobile, you will need to download an application allowing you to open the zip files. To conclude : More attractive photos, more vibrant colors and much better quality: with Lightroom, create a harmonious Instagram feed that will make your followers or those of your customers dream. Keep in mind, however, that you are on Instagram to share with your community, so no stress, go at your own pace and share your best shots.

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