I have a secret to share with marketers who are struggling to come up with their content marketing plan. My secret begins with the realization that many of the marketing activities that brands produce today are highly ineffective.

Direct mail? Thrown. Cold calls? Ignored. TV ads? Jumped up. Banners? Blocked and ignored.

It’s no wonder so many of us in marketing are asked to prove the ROI of content marketing before we even get started.

Marketing as we know it is changing before our eyes . Billions of content are published every day on more and more channels. (Meerkat and periscope anyone?)

As a result, consumers reduce noise. Recent research shows that only one in 100 millennials say the most persuasive ad would persuade them to trust the brand .

Click To Tweet : Only 1 in 100 millennials say the most compelling ad would persuade them to trust the brand.

So forget the interruption. It’s time for marketing to be respected!

Click To Tweet : We need to Guatemala WhatsApp Number List stop interrupting what people care about and be what people care about.

But wait. What is this secret that I spoke of?

The secret is that content marketing doesn’t have to be that hard

I’m not saying it’s easy either. I define content marketing as the overlap between what brands have traditionally produced and what consumers actually care about.


Click To Tweet : The buyer’s journey is nothing more than a series of questions that need to be answered.

That doesn’t mean we have to be as funny as The Onion or use BuzzFeed-style quizzes that reveal which Disney character you are. And that doesn’t mean you have to be as considerate as the New York Times.

This means you have to commit to creating content that people want to read.
Click to tweet : You need a customer-obsessed content culture.

We know from CMI’s annual research that effective content marketers don’t just have a plan, they have a documented content marketing strategy .

But how can you say it’s easy? Read on, my friend, and I’ll give you everything you need, including:

  • Content Marketing Success Key Factors
  • Essential Components of a Content Marketing Mission Statement
  • Content Marketing Dashboard and Reporting Templates
  • Budget guidelines

Let’s start by understanding the key contributors to content marketing success.

7 Content Marketing Success Factors

  1. Document your content strategy. It is the simplest of all. So just do it. (Downloadable template below.)
  1. Put someone or a group in charge of content marketing and hold them accountable for content marketing success.
  1. Track content marketing ROI It makes sense that those who are able to show their ROI start with a solid business case and then simply commit to measuring their progress.

Framing the content marketing roadmap

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Here’s the framework we use to help brands build a detailed content marketing plan.

Put simply, this plan template asks who , what , when , where , why , how , and how many questions any good plan answers.

But it also details some interesting branding dilemmas, such as the specific business case, the level of branding your content center should have, and its location. It walks through the team, topics, and customer journeys, and forces you to think about what metrics you can measure and how you’ll optimize.

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