The Effects Of Google’s Query Deserves Freshness Algorithm In Times Of Change

The crisis coronavirus has led the world in a new era dominated by the acronym VUCA : volatility, uncertainty ( uncertainty , in English), complexity and ambiguity. This had a major impact on user behavior, and search engines had to adapt quickly to respond effectively to their new concerns. It is in this context that the positioning algorithm of Google Query Deserves Freshness (which could be translated into French as “search queries that Lebanon WhatsApp Number List deserve to be updated”) comes into play, which has taken on considerable importance. importance in the current situation.

Query Deserves Freshness, Google’s response to the novelty Unlike the new Google BERT, the Query Deserves Freshness (QDF) algorithm has a long experience in all of the systems that define organic positioning, as it was launched by Google in 2007 and updated in 2011 . However, this algorithm is now more active than ever. It analyzes the user’s search patterns to detect whether or not they are trying to access current information . The goal of Query Deserves Freshness is to reorganize the results pages to favor those that coincide with the most recent search intent.

Therefore, Query Deserves Freshness Activates When Google Sees

an unusual increase in search volumes or mentions for a particular topic primarily in three environments: magazines and blogs , media pages, and direct search engine searches. . Los contenidos en torno a la COVID han resaltado la importancia del Query Deserves Freshness This Google algorithm currently plays a fundamental role in redefining the SERPs in an infinite number of searches marked by the news of COVID-19. Both the coronavirus crisis and deconfinement have altered the research intention relating to very broad topics such as those related to personal finance , professional matters , sports and personal care , education , leisure to inside and outside the house …

In general, according to the examples analyzed with the SEO tool Sistrix in Spain , the Query Deserves Freshness introduced transactional pages in the search results which previously mainly included blogs or videos (for example, in the concrete case of physical activity and personal care). But, in the same way, thematic guides , such as those related to the field of work, have improved their position by including information relating to COVID-19. How to take advantage of the effect of Query Deserves Freshness in SEO strategy There are different ways to strengthen organic positioning by taking into account the action of the Query Deserves Freshness algorithm:

Adapt The Structure And Content Of The Website To The Conditions Of The New Normal :

it is advisable to deal with both transactional pages (products, categories) and more informative pages. A case study published on Search Engine Land has indeed shown that e-commerce experiences a drastic loss of SEO visibility when informative URLs are eliminated. Therefore, one should always work with the user’s research intention in the broadest sense and his new buyer’s journey into account . Adjust the content marketing strategy to, on the one hand, review the most evergreen articles , identify those which are currently gaining importance and adjust their content taking into account the new situations generated by COVID-19; and on the other hand, to include topical subjects in the editorial calendar.

Until the new normal takes hold, flexibility will be essential in content planning. Implement structured data : these marked tracks in the web code indicate to Google the type of content of the pages to facilitate the interpretation of the information. The publication date is also a very relevant type of structured data in the case of blog posts . The structured data allow, in addition, that the Google SERP displays the web in enriched formats ( rich snippets ) or as part of Knowledge Graph . All this contributes to the results being more interesting for the user and obtaining a higher click-through rate.

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