The End of Likes on Instagram: What Are the Consequences?

The rumor has been around for a long time now on social networks: Instagram wants to remove the likes counter on the publications . In the test phase for a few months, the social media giant has already tried the experiment in several countries: Italy, Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Japan and New Zealand have all served as guinea pigs in 2019. In November, the United States entered the process, followed closely the following month by France. A handful of Thailand Phone Number List users are therefore, overnight, ejected from the “normal” functioning of Instagram, their results will therefore allow the firm to analyze the consequences of the end of likes on Instagram . what are the consequences of the end of likes on Instagram

The principal objective ? Put an end to a “dictatorship of likes” installed for a long time in the heads of the users to concentrate more on the content of the posts . Are the results positive? What prompted Instagram to make this decision? Jadéclo, your communication agency who likes to decipher the news, gives you all the keys to understand this upheaval that is already shaking the world of Instagram users.


Why are likes seen as “harmful” by Instagram? With the arrival in force of Instagramers , influencer marketing , and other influencers, Instagram has taken on more of the air of a business for which we get up every morning . However, this “moi-tu-vu” fashion has taken on an unexpected scale, it is even said that a thing or a place, whether it is a trendy cafe or a landscape in Bali, is “Instagramable”. . Addicts are ready to do anything to have THE perfect photo that will bring them back a large number of likes! the end of likes on Instagram will have repercussions for influencers According to specialists from the Human Computer Institute at Carnegie-Mellon University ,

the absence of likes and the decrease in them would lead to a “feeling of lack” on the part of the person who posted the photo. It’s simple, the more likes we have, the more we want to have . Instagram therefore aims to reduce the ambient narcissism, jealousy and the lack of self-esteem caused by this simple number counter. Unconsciously, it is the approval of others that we seek in wanting to reach as many likes as possible.

If our photo has not reached a decent number then

the effects can be very harmful and lead to a real loss of self-confidence. And then, put yourself in the shoes of an influencer for two seconds, his self-confidence is further damaged when he or she compares himself to his colleagues. What to do when his photo, for which he spent an hour finding the perfect filter so that it blends in perfectly with his feed, does not get the expected number of likes? Nothing like feeling belittled, and then he tells himself that brands will no doubt no longer be interested in him, he will make fewer partnerships, he will be less visible.

The only solution in his eyes? Buy likes to bring up statistics and not end up in last place in this frantic race for likes. Is the race for likes on Instagram over? With this new operation, Instagram hopes for a return to authenticity on the part of all users . The goal is for them to use the app more like it did when it started, that is, a kind of online photo album where we share memories and photos that matter to us. Share and post for fun and not with the expectation of any feedback.

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