The Evolution Of Click-to-brick Strategies In Retail

In the retail sector, click-to-brick strategies aim to increase the number of customers going to physical stores through online advertising campaigns. Thus, the role that the network of physical stores still represents in omnichannel purchasing is highlighted and the synergies between the online and offline worlds are in turn leveraged. Why integrate this type of campaign into the performance strategy? How to measure their success? Showcasing the Malaysia WhatsApp Number List physical store in the age of on-channel marketing With the rising costs of the last mile of logistics, many retailers are increasing the functions performed by physical outlets in search of greater profitability .

And this is not without merit: they have proven to be a great way to save (the Click & Collect options reduce the price of the final transport of e-commerce packages), but also of engagement with the brand . Click-to-brick strategies aim to take advantage of the differences that exist between customer behavior in physical stores and online stores . According to a survey conducted by the company First Insight of American consumers , in physical stores, 70% of customers make purchases for more than $ 50, a percentage that drops to 50% when it comes to online sales. . In addition, more than 80% of customers add other products to their offline purchase, ten points more than the cross-selling that takes place in e-commerce.

Measurement, The Big Challenge For Click-to-brick Campaigns

Implementing click-to-brick campaigns involves meeting certain social media and search advertising requirements . Google Ads and Facebook are two of the platforms that have developed their functionalities the most in this direction. In general, to set up campaigns that target in-store visits, advertisers should have a minimum number of establishments and a representative overall traffic volume. The same is true for counting visits using Google Store Visits technology on both Google Analytics and Google Ads. The big challenge facing this type of campaign is getting reliable conversion data.

The calculation techniques generally take into account information from users of smartphones (especially through the GPS location or wifi) and supplement this data with custom surveys that own platforms realize from users. Mantener actualizada la página de Google My Business suele ser uno de los requisitos para ejecutar campañas click-to-brick How to conduct an effective click-to-brick strategy? In order to take advantage of the ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline) effect with the digital marketing strategy, three key points should be taken into account:

Carefully Choose Geographic Segmentation: How Far Is The User Willing

to travel to get to the store? The answer will be given by a set of various factors such as the presence of competing establishments, the distance between stores, the exclusivity of the brand and the product, among others. Normally, it is possible to configure the segmentation at different depth levels: region, city and, finally, a specific kilometer radius. Regarding this last aspect, it is necessary to verify the presence of borders to avoid reaching the public in a language different from their own. 2. Support the customer in his journey by adapting the strategy at each stage: If the user does not know the brand, should they come to the store? If we want to expand our audience to reach those who have never been to our establishments,

the ideal solution is to adapt the creativities and types of advertisements . On social networks, ad formats such as carousels make it possible to show the product catalog (and prices) that he will find in the store and to link e-commerce that he can consult beforehand. The text of the ad message, on the other hand, may highlight the presence of the outlet located nearby. Additionally, to boost the effect of campaigns, retailers can add extra motivation by offering a special coupon that can be redeemed in-store . This promotion will be associated with a code which will only be effective when it is registered at the time of purchase. In this way, it will contribute to a more precise control of the results .

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