The face recognition of the people in Beijing was hacked, the bank account was stolen by hackers 1.9 million, and the IP was displayed in Taiwan The face recognition of the people in Beijing was hacked, the bank account was stolen by hackers 1.9 million. and the IP was displayed in Taiwan. The Bank of China widely uses facial recognition technology. and the facial recognition of some people in Beijing was breached. and nearly RMB 430,000 was withdrawn from the bank account.

The picture shows a passenger

Using a facial recognition machine at Beijing South Africa Phone Number Daxing International Airport. Most importantly,  Adhering to the basic principles. Of Correct, Leading, Objective, and Informative. The professional news team of the Central News Agency sends out thousands. of news, photos, charts, videos and information in Chinese, English, Japanese and Western languages ​​every day. It is the only multilingual language in Taiwan.

News media, the service target has expanded from media customers to the audience. After that, From Taiwanese people to overseas Chinese and readers around the world. In other words, fully acting as the eyes of the Chinese. The window to the world. Subscribe to authors. Favorite this article The amount of a cup of coffee per month. For instance, support the birth of good ideas. Enjoy a better reading experience. Support now Want you to know is Guo Bing.
Therefore, Associate professor at the School Law and Politics of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University. believes that “photos of faces are too easy to obtain.” If the face recognition system can be unlocked with photos, it may indicate a huge hidden danger when there are many cameras.


The Mainland Affairs Council said today that the police have not received a request from the mainland to assist in the investigation and cannot confirm whether the case is related to Taiwan. If the mainland side makes a request in accordance with the agreement, it will actively assist.

Protect the rights interests

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People on both sides of the strait. The Mainland Affairs Council said  in response. The case reported by Chinese media, after contacting the police. Taiwan not received any request for assistance from relevant departments in the Mainland.  Cannot confirm whether the content of the report is true. Whether the relevant case is related to Taiwan.

Above all,  The Mainland Affairs Council stated  Mainland side makes a request. Taiwan through the channel cross-strait joint anti-crime and mutual legal assistance agreement. In conclusion, It actively assist to safeguard the rights and interests othe people on both sides the strait.

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