The future of customer relations goes through this point

It must be up to companies to take the lead and offer this kind of service. Obviously IoT and Chatbot meet a lot of customer relationship requirements, but we must not forget that they are only a tool. Indeed, many of the requests coming from these channels involve human intervention. Whether it is for understanding or for an IoT technician and chatbot cannot work alone. IoT and chatbot are therefore essential tools for customer relations Slovenia Email List because they allow a complete follow-up of a customer. However like any other tools, they are part of a global strategy which must interweave human relationships. If you liked this article, see our page dedicated to the customer experience or read our article on the 5 key steps of social selling . Do you want to be supported in your process of increasing your leads ? We invite you to contact our teams

We know from experience that thanks to this method, the satisfaction rate of end customers reaches 97%. While in some non-specialist this rate approaches 70%. We can say that the customer relationship over the phone is essential to a good customer experience. However, this must be based on efficient processing of information (digital and telephone) by people specialized in a field of intervention. Chatbot and phoning for customer relations: two essential supports? We have seen that chatbot and phoning for customer relations meet different criteria of use. The first being that of the speed of information exchange the second for more detailed and advanced information.

As we have seen, a chatbot can respond to many requests

But how does it deal with those that are too complex for it? The answer is simple, if a chatbot is properly configured, it will be able to send a message to the technical teams who will call you back. A chatbot wants to respond to basic and previously scripted requests. Therefore the human need is always essential. In addition, it suffices for a person to misunderstand a piece of information for a human to intervene. The objective is therefore to gradually replace basic problems or questions with algorithms.

Everyone will be a winner because one person will have a quick response and the technical staff can spend more time on other more difficult actions. The telephone then comes back in and responds to more technical requests. These forces companies and call centers to use digital or chatbots and phoning for customer relations. Today, the use of digital in commercial actions seems essential to place people at the heart of strategies. If you liked this article, see our page dedicated to the customer experience or read our article on the 5 key steps of social selling. Do you want to be supported in your process of increasing your leads? We invite you to contact our teams for more information

Based on this observation we decided from July 2016 to increase

the traffic of our site and thus move from a showcase page to a real web strategy. The result is that today we are on the first Google page of all of our core businesses. We are also present on subjects relating to our environment, for example on Smart Data. If we take our networks, we have gone from a simple presence to a strong presence. In just under a year our Twitter account has gained nearly 2,000 followers. In addition, the automation of our actions today seems essential to us. Whether technical support or sales, internal digital tools are extremely beneficial to us. They allow information to be processed and circulated more quickly.

In addition, digitalization makes it possible to better know the customer and thus offer a more personalized experience. This personalization is the engine of the customer relationship of tomorrow that every company must already adopt. The use of conventional channels The use of classic channels should not be forgotten because it is still the engine of customer relations. We can see in our daily life that the telephone remains the main tool in customer relations. The digital tools as a whole are an opening of possibility but the social interactions are the engine of a sale. Digital tools also impact technical support since it is important to be able to offer both.

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