The Goal Is to Create Tables That Will Be Visible Only to You

Your community will not have access to them. Make yourself known and develop your notoriety Pinterest for businesses allows you to develop your notoriety, but also to make yourself known on the web. By highlighting quality content with images that make users want to click, you will gain notoriety. For example, do you want to highlight your latest armchairs? Take a nice scenario photo, create a pin and embed the product link available on Kenya Phone Number List your site . Subsequently, users will be able to view your Pin and view your web page from your Pinterest, as well as share your content. And what does not spoil anything is that with these links, Pinterest allows companies to create quality backlinks that generate traffic..

It is therefore an ideal tool to use in your SEO strategy. With Pinterest, you create tables according to the typology of your consumers or products to create real added value for your customers. For example, are you a website offering recipe tutorials? Create tables according to the types of recipes (starters, main courses, desserts) or according to the level of cooking (children, beginners, experts…). In addition, Pinterest also allows you to display your boards and pins on your website, blog or even within your newsletters by setting up buttons and widgets.

Ideal for Developing Your Account! Make Yourself Known

And develop your notoriety with Pinterest The goal: to engage your community and push users to click on your Pins, but also to save and share them on their social networks. Increase your sales and promote your products and services If Pinterest allows you to navigate between thousands of contents and to bounce on different subjects according to the algorithm, it allows you above all to highlight your products and services with the objectives of increasing your sales and developing traffic on your site internet . By highlighting the products available on your website in the categorized tables, you will be able to bring traffic to your website by linking, for example, to your pins a product sheet or even a blog article highlighting a selection of products. You will also be able to make an article or a page and display your Pinterest board highlighting your products .

In order for you to appear in searches, you will have to work on the SEO of your created Pins. For example, when you are going to create your pin, you will need: Increase your sales and promote your products and services with Pinterest Optimize your Pinterest images with a recommended dimension to respect (238 px X the length of your photo) and put a title containing your theme Add a catchy title that makes you want to click to discover the pin Make a unique description allowing you to highlight the main concepts of your pin (remember to integrate your keyword and your theme) Add a destination link (that of your website for example)

Good to Know: You Have the Option to Publish Your Pin Immediately or Schedule It

Rather practical for organizing your publications for the week. The little tip: are you a business manager, marketing director or even project manager? Consider integrating Pinterest buttons and / or widgets on your websites . The goal is to increase the visibility of your account or your site. For this, Pinterest offers you various tools: The “pin it” or “save” button: allows users to pin your visuals The “follow” or “subscribe” button: allows visitors to follow your Pinterest account The “pin” or “pin” widget: allows you to insert a pin on your site The “profile” widget: allows you to insert your Pinterest profile on your site The “board” or “table” widget: allows you to insert your last 30 pins on your site Evaluate your impact and adapt your content with in-depth statistics with Pinterest for businesses Measure your impact with Pinterest for business and see how your ads are performing .

To find out exactly what your audience is, click on the “Analytics” button and the “Ads” button . In front of you, an overview of the statistics is displayed with the highlighting of impressions, audience, commitments, how many times your images have been re-pinned, where the traffic comes from…. ( statistics that you will be able to refine according to the type of content, the format, the source of the pins, the origin of the traffic…). Evaluate your impact with Pinterest for businesses Note: view your stats up to 90 days back . Pinterest gives you stats for the last 7, 14, 21, 30, 60, or 90 days, but you can also choose your dates manually.

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