That print media is about to disappear . as well as taking a look at the way we are distributing the advertising budget . since we could be betting on the that does not represent greater benefits for us . If you are one of those who think that print media are a thing of the past. or have come to discard them altogether because you think that the best and cheapest thing is to do digital marketing . be careful. The data we reveal below will show you a very different picture and could change your mind: Print advertising has its advantages According to Millward Brown . a market research firm focused on advertising effectiveness. two elements of print advertising are worth noting in relation to TV and digital channels: The first is that consumers tend to prefer those brands that appear on a physical medium (such as a printed publication).

Over those that do not or that are only shown on screens. The second states that in terms of purchase intention. consumers may be more willing to buy a product/service that appears in print media than one that uses channels such as television or digital to show itself. This is consistent with a study conducted by a team of neuroscientists from Temple University . according to which people tend to remember an ad more when it can be felt . as is actually the case with a print ad. This fact is supported by other research that has shown that . indeed . physical media have more emotional processing than screens.

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The combination of print advertising Colombia whatsapp number list more powerful than digital + TV As striking as it is surprising is the fact that . according to studies carried out by Millward Brown. the combination of print + TV has been more effective than digital + TV in all the metrics analyzed. When digital advertising is the one in which many companies are investing the most. seeing how it performs in conjunction with other important media not only serves to realize that there are powerful combinations that can give better results . but to show in yes the importance of integrating different media So . instead of putting all your eggs in one basket . as many businesses can with the rise of digital advertising.

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Relying on other media like print can help you maximize your results. Also taking into account the possibilities offered by this type of media to integrate with the digital world through QR codes and augmented reality . There is nothing better than complementing the actions you carry out in the digital world with the virtues of print ( in this article you can see how print and digital ads can go hand in hand) . Print advertising helps increase sales and ROI According to the Association of Magazine Media . In a study that collected data from several major companies. They increased them between 2% and 47% as a result of advertising in print media.

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Likewise. it was revealed that the ROI was US$ 7.45 for each dollar invested. Figures that at first glance seem to agree with print advertising in terms of results . And for which you should at least consider the possibility of advertise in this type of media . In conclusion Even though many think that print advertising. Has nothing to do with a medium that has been gaining great popularity such as digital. Data and research show that nothing is further from the truth. These not only point out that print is still relevant for making ads and achieving advertising results. But that it is an essential complement to obtain better responses to your campaigns .

Any website. no matter how basic. needs to be updated regularly. Remember that the Internet is very dynamic: new trends appear. styles change. Tools improve rapidly and. above all. users are increasingly demanding. It is not only about doing a general maintenance job to ensure that everything. Works well and that the published information is still valid. But about renewing the design from time to time so that users have the a modern website. In a brand that cares about its image. So if your business is one of those that has had the same. Website for more than 5 years. you urgently need a change. Of course. This change not only includes the visual and aesthetic aspect.

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