I admit I’m an Apple “fan boy” and Cambodia Phone Number have been an early adopter of pretty much all Apple devices. Do you remember the first iPod—the big white one with the clicker wheel? Yup, I had one. I’ve also had several other Apple products, including numerous versions of the iPhone, starting with the first one in 2007, to iMacs, iPads, Mac Cambodia Phone Number Books, and even a few big daddy Mac Pros (You can surely see where all my disposable income goes). So when the groundbreaking Apple Watch was announced, I was giddy and knew I wanted one. But why did I have to have one of these rather expensive devices? I like new technology, and I like gadgets.

As a Digital Marketer Cambodia Phone Number

I want to stay in touch with the newest technologies. I truly believe that by having an iPhone in the early days, I was Cambodia Phone Number better able to understand the technology, the importance of mobile, apps, and other new marketing trends that are now the norm. As a digital marketer, it’s my job to stay on top of the Cambodia Phone Number trends. My Thoughts on the Apple Watch It’s been a couple of months since I began using the Apple Watch, so allow me to delight you with my impressions: What’s cool: Seeing alerts, dictating into the watch for text messages, remote photo taking, resting heart rate measurement, alerts to remember to stand up during the day (really!), and paying for coffee at Starbucks sans wallet.

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Cambodia Phone Number

Maps and directions is also pretty slick—I love having vibrations on my wrist to notify me where to turn! What’s not Cambodia Phone Number so cool: Having to charge the watch every night, the screen going black too fast from non-activity, and the relatively slow dictation response time. Has it changed my life? Not exactly. But one thing it is Cambodia Phone Number doing is reducing the amount of times I have to look at my iPhone. Why is this important to us marketers? Well, it means that we now have to start thinking about how we can deliver a message that a user will respond to with just a glance. In its own marketing of the watch, Apple says: Glances. Just the right amount of information, right where you want it.

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