The Impact Of Black Friday On The Retail Sector: 3 Key Trends

Online interest in Black Friday and the wave of deals it brings has grown steadily around the world. According to the Google Trends index , which quantifies the interest expressed by Google users around a topic from 0 to 100, the expectation has already reached an all-time high . Stimulated by the dynamism of e-commerce, the Black Friday campaign has revolutionized the rules of the game for Christmas consumption, a key moment for the retail Malta WhatsApp Number List sector. How does the display of Cyber ​​Week offers change buying behavior? We review the three main trends observed in recent years.

The interest expressed by Google users around Black Friday Online consumption continues to gain ground compared to the traditional Cyber ​​Week model According to global data from Salesforce’s Holiday Shopping report , celebrating Black Friday leads to anticipation of Christmas shopping, and in 2018, half of consumers had already made them during Cyber ​​Week. In France, a study conducted by RetailMeNot , indicates that the French spent an average of 239 € during BlackFriday 2019. 50% of women expected to benefit from this event but by allocating a smaller budget (211 €) while 38% of men were interested in BlackFriday with an average budget of € 274. In 2019, the fashion sector remained the one that enjoyed the greatest interest from the French (49%) followed by high-tech (44%), shoes (43%) and household appliances (36%).

However, How Is This Consumption Distributed In The Retail Sector?

As a digital phenomenon, the trend shows that during the week of Black Friday shopping is increasingly focused on the online channel, but the final decision is related to the benefits of the offers, among which free shipping is brand. According to the Salesforce report, 80% of Black Friday promotions therefore include it. Also during this week, parcel shipments increased about 70% and lockers demand for the withdrawal of orders has grown an estimated Society lockers Luxer One . Consumers prefer the omnichannel shopping experience during Black Friday In the consumer goods sector, the boundaries between physical and digital are being diluted. For today’s consumers, the pursuit of ease is the primary motivation and in this sense the physical store network plays an important role in achieving a satisfying omnichannel shopping experience.

In fact, the National Retail Federation’s survey of consumer trends in the United States reveals that more than half of consumers used both channels for their purchases in 2018. Two of the most decisive questions for taking advantage of Black Friday are the Click & Collect options (online purchase, in-store pickup), especially as an alternative to paying for shipping costs. Likewise, managing in-store returns is another of the most used functions given that in 2018, 68% of users planned to make returns right after receiving gifts according to the National Retail Federation . However, in the search for inspiration, the online channel clearly dominates During Cyber ​​Week, most purchases are not planned in advance.

According To The Aforementioned Salesforce Report

users seek inspiration primarily from online channels , although eventually the ROPO ( research online, purchase offline ) effect may occur and they end up buying in physical stores. This is again an illustration of omnichannel buying common in the retail sector. The main channels for finding information and inspiration are social networks, searches on Google and on the e-commerce pages themselves. And, for the first time, in 2018, mobile purchases exceeded those made by computer (48% vs. 44%). Therefore, it is essential to prepare the ground for Cyber ​​Week:

It is important to plan the paid search strategy in detail : campaigns should have personalized messages that grab the attention of users in their inspirational searches. Controlling bids is essential so that you don’t lose visibility against the competition and achieve better conversions using remarketing lists. EDUARDO AGUDO , ASSOCIATE PARTNER AT LABELIUM On social media, tailor push campaigns with the most relevant messages at all times : not only do they work as an effective speaker to create expectations, but they’re also great at communicating offers and achieving the final conversion. The year-round SEO and UX efforts should culminate in this moment : online stores function as a showcase for retail.

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