The Importance of a Buyer Persona for Your Business

For those in a hurry, we can serve you the definition of the buyer persona ready-made on a platter! Definition of a buyer persona: detailed avatar of your marketing targets or your communication targets in order to define their aspirations, inspirations, profiles, needs and brakes that can serve as a support for your various marketing strategies. Is that enough for you as a definition? Because at Jadéclo , we are a bit unsatisfied there. So advice to the Czech Republic Cell Phone Numbers List more daring of you to learn how to define, create and use personas in your communication or marketing actions by consulting our article.

But you might as well warn you right away, after reading this, you too will find that defining marketing personas is just as essential as it is essential for your business . SO WHAT EXACTLY IS A BUYER PERSONA? Concretely ? It is the basis of all your reflections, the common thread of all your actions. As the manager of your business, you have certainly already defined your targets or at least had an idea of ​​who your consumers are. You are therefore fully aware that it is often awkward and risky to launch a commercial, marketing or communication action without knowing at least who it will be intended for. And if you are used to taking actions without knowing your recipients, we strongly advise you never to start again!

Indeed, the Better You Know Your Targets, the Better You Will Reach Your Targets

Knowing their aspirations, their needs, their budgetary situation, their location, it is the assurance of producing much more structured marketing or communication actions, relevant with a much better return on investment. Identity of a buyer persona Creating a marketing persona is like creating an avatar (a fictitious person) of your targets . We give it qualities, faults, age, gender, profession and we include it in scenarios to bring it value and trigger actions. Creating a persona therefore makes it easier to understand and visualize how your targets consume, browse the web, find out about your offers … It is thus able to anticipate and adapt your offer and your communication accordingly.

Your ideal buyer persona must therefore represent your ideal client. WHY IS IT SO IMPORTANT TO DEFINE A PERSONA? Quite simply because defining one or more personas allows you to better understand your customers. You will realize that all your consumers are not the same : each group of customers has different desires, needs and obstacles . Identifying and understanding them means being able to overcome them in your communication or in your various sales and marketing actions. Know that the biggest brands have understood this and are doing it themselves to define marketing personas. Taking the time to understand their consumers opened the doors to success for them.

We Could Cite the Coca-cola Brand

which has given birth to new sugar-free sodas to meet the desire and the needs of certain groups of consumers to consume less sugar. But also hypermarket brands such as Leclerc or Carrefour which have put aside their advertisements on hyper competitive prices to speak only exclusively of their eco-responsible commitments. Why ? Because the needs of consumers and consequently of their buyer personas have evolved. Today, some of their consumers have a new need: to consume more environmentally friendly products. Having personas is even more beneficial for your business actions than for you internally. Indeed, having a clear idea of ​​the profile of your targets will allow you and your team to have a real common thread towards which to work in unison .

Marketing targeting strategy But you are probably wondering how to identify the profile of your personas? Two solutions are available to you: you can choose either to use a communication agency , or to undertake this creation by yourself. If you choose the second option, remember that it is important to base yourself on facts that you must take the time to research and analyze. This will allow you to bring out some glaring conventions and generalities that will serve your business. Please be patient, as we will cover all of this in detail in a future article.

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