The Importance of a Google My Business Page to Develop Your Customer Base

To develop the visibility of your company on the web and reach a large target , it is important to be present on different communication channels, and particularly on Google. In a few figures, Google has 30 billion indexed pages and more than 100 billion requests made each month . Listing a large majority of websites and having a market share of over 90% worldwide, Google is THE platform where you need to be present. To develop the visibility Finland Phone Number List and notoriety of companies and allow them to be better referenced on the web, Google created the Google My Business platform .

Boost your visibility with a Google My Business page WHAT IS GOOGLE MY BUSINESS? With the development of the Internet, it is increasingly easy to find information on a specific subject, or even a place according to a geographical position. To facilitate access to this information, Google has set up a free service accessible on mobiles, tablets and also computers. Being able to be considered as an online directory, Google My Business aims to list all the practical information concerning your company (hours, address, telephone number, sector of activity, description of the company, customer reviews, photos on the spot…) and also offers you the possibility of evaluating your statistics.

What Are the Goals of a Google My Business Page?

Create a Google My Business page quickly With the major trends of recent years on changes in consumer habits (consuming locally, making regional businesses work, etc.) more and more consumers are doing research to locate professionals in their region . To do this, users do not hesitate to take out their mobile phones to find the nearest greengrocer or to find out the opening hours of the bakery located two blocks from their office. With Internet users doing their research much of the time on the Google search engine or directly on Google Maps , it has become essential for you, companies and merchants, to optimize your Google My Business page.

Depending on your industry, your page will have different purposes . For example, an e-commerce site offering personal services will not have the same objectives and expectations as a restaurant, a tobacconist or even a gas station. All these brands will nevertheless have a common objective, that of informing consumers quickly according to their geolocation . Develop your presence on Google The objective is to improve the visibility and the presence of your company on Google with a clear, attractive page giving all the useful information for the user.

In Addition, You Will Be Able to Increase the Traffic on Your Website

By including its link on your Google My Business page, but also by highlighting your activity with a precise description and quality photos. Improve your geographic and local referencing A Google My Business page also allows you to improve the visibility of your company on Google Maps . Indeed, by activating the location on their mobile, users will be able to have results according to their geolocation. For example, if Mr. Dupond is looking for an optician in Nice, Google will suggest all the opticians close to his location. Google My Business also makes it possible to find providers easily and quickly thanks to their geolocation . For example, do you work in the masonry industry and you need an architect for a construction site?

Thanks to Google My Business, you will quickly find the architects near you. Improve your geographic and local SEO with Google My Business The little extra: when users do a search on Google, they have the possibility, via the Google My Business page, to save the place on Google Maps . Ideal so that they can come back next time. Discuss with your customers and create a lasting relationship Google My Business also allows you to develop and improve your online reputation . Via your page, your customers can leave comments on your company, your welcome, your services or the products offered. You have the opportunity to respond to these comments to maintain a real relationship.

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