The Importance of Working on Your Csr Communication

Maybe you already have a vague idea of ​​what it really is. And even if you don’t, it is almost certain that you will feel concerned in one way or another with CSR communication. First of all, let’s start by giving yourself a very simple definition to light up your lantern. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) : term which designates all the practices implemented by a companyaimed at respecting the principles of sustainable development(social, environmental Guatemala Phone Numbers List and economic). To put it simply, it’s when a company stops advocating the neutrality of its opinions by choosing to take sides and act accordingly.

Among the brands that have understood this well, we find some big names. LACOSTE The protection of endangered animal species, with the crocodile in mind, is one of the brand’s main concerns. CARREFOUR The 2018 Act For Food campaign initiated by Carrefour marks the brand’s turn towards eating better (100% French organic, less sweet, less salty, removing pesticides, etc.). AREVA The French nuclear group has received several Label for its Human Resources policy implemented. Many measures have been put in place to make life easier for all its employees, such as support for parenthood: places in crèches, flexibility of working hours, concierge services (washing clothes, car washing, etc.).

An Increasingly Important Practice

A practice that took root in the 1950s The notion of social responsibility takes root through the initiative of certain American managers in the 1950s. Their business vision is new. It offers companies to no longer only focus on the financial aspect of their business but also to consider the impact they have on society to derive more benefits. Companies that provide service to society are then on the rise . Consumers prefer them more widely. Managers of the 1950s From the 1990s and 2000s, CSR took a new breath to create what will be modern CSR:

in several countries around the world, governments are putting in place regulations that will lay the foundations for CSR. In France, the laws relating to NRE (New Economic Regulations) will be the first, to oblige companies to make public their performance in terms of sustainable development. They will be followed by various regulations such as the Grenelle laws or the Vigilance Laws… Companies, known as “bad students” can no longer hide at the risk of being judged by consumers for their poor results. The new challenges of CSR for consumers The world is changing, mentalities are changing (a real cliché? Yes, but it is nevertheless so true!).

Indeed, in Our Modern World, More and More Capitalist

where the offer does not stop growing, it is difficult to differentiate one product from another. profusion of tomato offers on the shelves Remember the last time you wanted to buy tomatoes, which one did you choose? Romaine, pigeon eggs, beef heart, Saint-Pierre, pineapple, Crimean black? The one who came from Spain, Italy or Provence? In this “boring” profusion of offers, the customer can get lost… This is where CSR makes a significant difference to consumers. Why and how would you tell me? Because this abundance of offers is leading to a new trend, so-called “refuge ” consumption . It is a question of consuming while taking into account its values ​​and by seeking to give a direction to its act.

In making a decision on what product we’re ultimately going to buy, we’re going to turn more to purchases that are closer to our values. As you can see, today’s consumers are turning more and more to brands that are committed , brands that are therefore inspiring to them. These new market challenges therefore reinforce the obligation for brands and companies to work on the responsible and societal facet of their image. Those which will be able to get closer to the causes supported by consumers are those which will stand out while bringing consumers together.

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