The Intermarché Campaigns Are Moving and It Is for Christmas 2017

that this little cutie appeared on our screens: To conclude : As you will have understood, storytelling can prove to be a judicious method for your communication, especially during the holidays. To help you set up your Christmas marketing campaign, we have put together a few points that should not be overlooked: • Play on the values ​​and emotions of Christmas : family sharing, reunion and love • Make your targets dream ! The marketing message should be more subtle to leave room for your brand universe • Be consistent in your storytelling : your story Kuwait Phone Number List relayed during the holiday season should not completely denote your “common thread” communication • Respect the traditional pattern a story for your Christmas storytelling going from the initial situation to the final situation • Choose “experiential” supports: decorated window or Advent calendar,

Whether you plan to broadcast yourself or hire a professional streamer, the internet user can ask questions live and is an actor of what they see. Through live polls and giveaways (contests), the Internet user is active while the viewer of traditional media is passive . This is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of their attention to disseminate advertising messages and promote products and services. How? ‘Or’ What ? There are many ways to advertise on Twitch.

First, by Going Through the Twitch Advertising Network

you can broadcast advertising in a video format before and during broadcasts to promote your products and services . In this case, it is a broad but poorly targeted campaign, which can be of interest to large companies during a new product launch. If you think about it big, you can even go so far as to sponsor an event and give it your name (eg: Coca Cola e-Cup). On the other hand, for a more targeted (and less expensive) communication, you can also use the Twitch platform. You can use streamers to do product placements or test your products and services.

gotaga, a star of the twitch platform There are streamers of all sizes, all ages, on all games with communities that will likely suit your needs. For who ? Advertising on Twitch concerns all businesses . It is true that if you have a connection with entertainment near or far, it will be easier to convince viewers to place their trust in you. So if you work in board games, video games, equipment, home automation or anything related to technology, go for it! You can also promote products and services that relate to your target without directly affecting video games. Whether it’s men’s cosmetics, textiles, automobiles or anything else, if you target young men, your advertising will be heard. If, on the other hand, you don’t sell anything related to young men, stay a little longer: what follows may interest you.

Twitchis a Vector of Emotion for Many Fans of the Platform

If you want to convey values ​​of daring and open-mindedness to rejuvenate your brand’s image , why not try to do so through this rising platform. To conclude : The future of video streaming is bright and new platforms should emerge to share this larger cake year after year. Take advantage of it quickly, few companies have understood the marketing interest of Twitch and other platforms at the moment: it is an opportunity to promote your brand as with our communication agency , boldly and at a lower price. cost.

These initiatives are accompanied by substantive work to promote gender equality. The objective: to achieve parity in the recruitment of engineers and executives, and 20% of women in the management committee. THIS IS WHO THE BOSS If you do not yet know this brand , know that it is a real find rewarded at the BFM Awards 2019 for its commitment. Its innovation? Produce only products that meet the needs of consumers: healthy, responsible, good and sufficiently remunerative for producers. * It is obvious that the price, the taste, the consumption habits influence in a non-negligible way on the act of purchase. HOW TO SET UP CSR COMMUNICATION Choosing to implement a CSR policy for your brand is a strong commitment.

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