The Latter Was Also Used to Visualize the Results of the Various Polls

Asked to spectators during the webinar. SILENCE, LIGHTS AND… ACTION! The light is of paramount importance on a tray, which is why no fewer than eight projectors were installed. Whether for technical questions or for the final rendering of the image, the lighting makes it possible to obtain a better image quality, the latter is even adapted according to the colors of the skin, clothes and accessories of the different people on the site. plateau. Live video shooting on the webinar set What would the soundless image be in a webinar ? Not much, to tell the Kazakhstan Phone Number List truth! For this, a lapel microphone connected to a transmitter at the belt level is installed on each member of the set.

The transmitters, wireless, are connected to receivers which record the sound to incorporate it into the final rendering of the live. An installation and preparation of the stage and the speakers which are therefore very rigorous for an ultra qualitative and professional result. What about the management? In our case, the control room is a separate room, closed during the live, in which there are five computers and a monitor displaying the video stream mixer. More simply, this monitor allows the manager, or director, to see all the points of view of the cameras simultaneously and to change from one to the other when he sees fit thanks to a control box.

From Software to Your Screen: Technology Before Magic!

To coordinate all these tools, the five computers all use different software and perform specific tasks. The stage manager, or director in our case, takes care of launching certain videos on live thanks to the Wirecast software , specialized for live video on the internet. It will therefore be possible to start the credits of a program then switch to a camera point of view then switch to a jingle, etc … In addition to managing this, it can calibrate the microphones as needed using the same software and a mixer. Used in tandem with Wirecast, Desktop Presenter software simply allows you to capture a video from a screen and transmit it to any other device. In our case, two computers were using this feature.

webinar control room with the mixing tablet One to show the results of a survey which were sent to the host and on the live directly, another broadcast the powerpoint presentation of the guests which was broadcast on the flat screens, which we spoke about previously, and on the live. Software like Final Cut Pro will be used to make the video adjustments necessary for the webinar to run smoothly. Note for example the date and title changes in the text overlays for the different editions of a webinar. If it is recorded, it is also with this software that a final rendering can be made and then put back online for replay.

From Software to Your Screen: Technology Before Magic!

The role of the Jadéclo agency for this webinar was multiple. Throughout the event: welcoming the participants to the webinar in order to explain the ins and outs of the organization of the latter. For example, the fact that the webinar is only an hour long and the speakers are not used to this type of exercise leads to a rehearsal before the live broadcast. This makes it possible to resolve the last technical issues, to put the participants in confidence and to facilitate the respect of the webinar timeline . During the live broadcast of the webinar: launch of surveys on the live streaming platform , collection of responses from the public and their dissemination, via the director, moderation of the chat, of the various questions and comments sent to the guests.

At the end of the program , viewers have the opportunity to send in to answer a questionnaire and give their feedback on possible improvements for future webinars. With more than 200 spectators present on average live for this edition, this webinar was a success. To conclude : Ultimately, using a webinar platform to send messages to your community is a rewarding webinar experience that can pay off if the strategy is well established. We often wonder what is behind the cameras during a film for example, the course of the show was very instructive. The coordination that such an exercise requires is impressive to watch, especially in the relationship between the director and the cameraman. The live webinar, finally a medium where interaction has an instant and essential place!

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