The Lyonnais Club Le Sucre and Its Evening Broadcast Live on Twitch

Twitch video streaming platform logo Bars and nightclubs have not escaped the crisis. While the situation could seem compromised, some clubs decided to reinvent themselves: this is the case of the club “Le Sucre” in Lyon, which set up the first big virtual party on the Twitch platform ! An innovative concept which welcomed more than 1000 participants by creating the concept of “ digital evenings ”! A concept that seems to have seduced many Qatar Phone Number List users since artists have adopted en masse the “live concert” on social networks, like Christine and The Queens, Bob Sinclar or Francis Cabrel .

Jadéclo likes: The innovation launched by the French club “Le Sucre” on a popular platform dedicated to video streaming. If you don’t know it yet, check out our article on the Twitch platform. DECATHLON AND ITS SPORTS SESSIONS AT HOME Despite what one might think, the sport did not end with confinement, on the contrary! Many brand initiatives have emerged by offering “ sports lives ”, as was the case with Décathlon. The French retail chain offered live lessons, exercises and sports advice for free on their “ e-club ” website.

In Addition, the Brand Has Sought Solutions to Continue Delivering

To its French customers: Decathlon announced at the end of April that it wanted to distribute its sporting goods from the Franprix food distribution chain in Île-de-France . Jadéclo likes: the fighting spirit of the Decathlon brand, which has redoubled its efforts to reach its target customers, and which has helped get us out of bed during confinement. To conclude : Communication during confinement? A journey strewn with pitfalls. However, from restaurants to sports brands via events, each of these brands has contributed, on its own scale, to developing sectors of activity that were nevertheless very affected during confinement. Ideas that inspire us and that help break the pre-established codes of brand communication.

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This Is Certainly the Result of an Active and Intensive Watch

On new technologies and insights. How to set up an effective digital watch? Before you start, it is important that you define a strategy (much like a communication strategy ) and objectives . Indeed, what will be the goal of your research? What do you want to know? What types of information are you interested in? Etc., etc. Once you know where you want to go, you can start setting up your marketing intelligence. What we offer you so as not to scatter yourself, is to subscribe to tools that will curate relevant information for you once properly configured.

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